Hand-Painted Handmade Kitchens

All our handmade kitchens are hand-painted for a bespoke and luxurious finish. This type of finish has become more and more popular throughout recent years, following trends from America, especially from the big paint manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball. Here at The Handmade Kitchen Company, we choose paints from respectable paint companies to complete your finished kitchen, such as Farrow & Ball and The Little Greene Paint Company.

Hand-painting kitchen cabinets provide a natural and beautiful appearance with a tactile feel. Every millimetre of the kitchen is finished with wonderful attention to detail. Any imperfections are resolved quickly and easily by our skilled craftsmen.

  • Hand-painted furniture looks natural. The brush applies the paint by the natural grain of the wood, applied more directly.
  • Hand-painted is future-proofed. This means you can simply sand down and repaint the kitchen in the future.
  • The hand-painted finish can easily be repaired. If you notice scuffs and chips you can simply sand down the affected area and apply the paint with a brush.

There are many colours available when it comes to hand-painting a kitchen. It allows you to choose a colour that you have seen on a paint chart and have your kitchen furniture painted in that exact colour.

When it comes to hand-painting the kitchen, we hand-paint on-site once the kitchen has been built. This is a beautiful brush-on finish that follows the wood grain perfectly while protecting the solid wood beneath it. The specialist paint we use is from paint companies such as:

  • Farrow & Ball
  • Little Greene
  • Dulux
  • Crown
  • Sandersons
  • Paint & Paper Library

Will you go daring with your choice of colour? A bright and bold blue, a rich red, or will you keep to a cool grey or a blank canvas to which you can add pops of colour?

Below take a look at the many projects we have created in different colours to our client’s personalities and preferences.


We are loving this colour!

One of our projects was hand-painted in this gorgeous teal colour – Tiru by Graham & Brown. This serene teal paint colour was inspired by the 2019 Kabuki trend. Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama, which showcases a bold, avant-garde colour palette. Tiru celebrates tranquillity, good luck and longevity.

This traditional townhouse in Theydon Bois has been fully renovated and extended to create a large and naturally bright space, with every inch being used for the perfect amount of storage. The teal colour shines through the design and shows our beautiful handcrafted work.

Bold Blues

To give the kitchen in Whittlesford, a generous and indulgent colour is the deep indigo hue of Dock Blue by Little Greene. With the strong coloured cabinets and characterful quartz worktops, this kitchen design scheme brings a modern twist to our Classic In-Frame Shaker.

To create a rich and welcoming feel, this open-plan space in Saltby has been hand-painted in Dock Blue by Little Green Paint Company. It’s the perfect complement to the gold/brass elements.

The ultimate industrial-style kitchen is seen here in our Clavering project and hand-painted in Beyond Blue from Paint & Paper Library. This rich deep blue is perfect for creating bigger, larger expanses, especially an open-plan space like this one. We love how it sits beautifully next to the robust stainless steel Wolf Range Cooker.

The light blue colour choice for this West Hampstead home is designed to bring the summer sky indoors, which it certainly will in this space. We hand-painted the cabinets in Sky Blue 103 by Little Greene.

A royal blue has been hand-painted onto the furniture in this kitchen in Clayhall. Our client opted for Royal Navy Blue by Little Greene, which is a unique deep blue-toned paint that’s great for creating a contrast against the light walls, floors and worktops.

This Potters Bar project sees the popular Stiffkey Blue fill this large open-plan space with warmth and a lovely rich look. Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball is an inky navy that is named from the Norfolk beaches, where mud and cockles share a particular deep navy hue. This colour certainly provides a dramatic space in the country with the surrounding natural elements of wood.

Sultry & Dark

Working in this Victorian building in Kensington was one to add to our list of prestigious locations. Our Traditional Raised shaker has been highlighted with a black paint known as Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore.

Taking our attention to the colour choice this Shaker design presents is Basalt by Little Greene. This timeless blue-black is hit with lots of natural light in this Elstree home and you can see the charismatic blue undertones drawn out.

For our client in Golders Green, Barnet we designed and installed this Classic Shaker-style kitchen with high attention to detail and finish to create a luxury kitchen flowing into the living space. We hand-painted the kitchen cabinets in Railings by Farrow & Ball – a dark hue that transforms rooms into dramatic and enveloping interior spaces.

A new-build property sits located in Henham, Essex which has been designed to the exact specifications of our clients. Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball was chosen to contrast against the solid oak beams and Kinawa White Piracema Granite worktops.

Down Pipe is a popular colour choice amongst our clients for its definite blue undertones that deepen the complexity of the finish. It’s a daringly dark hue that creates a deeply dramatic entrance, which it has certainly done in this home.

In this industrial-style kitchen, we designed and built for a client in Hutton, the chosen colour was Basalt 221 from Little Greene. This colour has been designed to give a distinctive look, which consists of a timeless blue-black.

The exposed brick backdrop looks stunning against this colour, allowing the award-winning appliances from Wolf to shine through and create a spectacular room.

Gorgeous Greys

Check out this beautifully renovated home in Colchester. The rich grey of Worsted by Farrow & Ball is the perfect choice for this Traditional kitchen.

We designed our Classic Shaker in this converted barn in Brentwood and hand-painted it in a strong grey known as Dolphin 246 by Little Greene. The beautiful hue pairs marvellously with the satin brass lacquered handles.

A two-tone grey kitchen full of an exquisite design and plenty of detail, our Chelmsford project. The two colours we hand-painted onto the furniture are Charleston Gray and Elephant’s Breath, both by Farrow & Ball.

In this large open space, we created in Winchmore Hill our client wanted to make the island a design statement in their hub of the home. Plummett from Farrow & Ball was chosen for this with Cornforth White also from Farrow & Ball finishing off the other areas of the kitchen.

The colour Plummett is a strong architectural grey named after the lead often used by fishermen to weigh their lines. This colour intensifies in smaller spaces and has a strikingly modern feel which is conducive to minimal living. It is also one of Farrow & Ball’s most hard-edged and industrial-feeling greys.

Charleston Gray was chosen for this warm and welcoming open-plan space in Cuffley. Charleston Gray by Farrow & Ball is a deep, warm grey that’s muted and named after the much-loved home of the equally artistic and intellectual Bloomsbury Group in West Sussex. It consists of brown undertones that create a warm, enveloping and hushed atmosphere.

Nice & Neutral

Matching the aesthetics of this new build, this project in Essex has been hand-painted in Slate 1 by Paint & Paper Library. It works wonders in this clean and bright space.

We love a neutral colour scheme, simply because they are so versatile you can add pops of colour wherever needed. To soak into the large mouldings and make a grand entrance is this classic shade – Rolling Fog by Little Greene. This London project is full of luxury and features to fall in love with.

The traditional handleless style is becoming a firm favourite with our clients and when our client in Islington set her eyes on this design, it was what she was going to have in her new kitchen space. We hand-painted the L-shaped kitchen in Strong White by Farrow & Ball. A grey-based white, strong by name, strong by nature.

Moving to another part of London this time in Chelsea we come across our Traditional Lay-On shaker with large mouldings and brass/gold features. The whole kitchen is hand-painted in RAL 9016 Traffic White – a fantastic white paint shade with a faint touch of grey.

Using Slaked Lime 105 by Little Greene, these hand-painted traditional cabinets look absolutely beautiful in this stunning new-build property in Billericay, Essex.

For this busy family in Billericay, a gorgeous Magnolia by Little Greene Paint Company was applied to both the kitchen and walls for a seamless – integrated finish. This colour was introduced in the mid-50s and has become the iconic off-white paint colour.

To help create the owner’s dream kitchen in their 1800 property in Matching Tye, Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball was chosen to be hand-painted onto the cabinets and open up this space.

Cornforth White is an understated grey and comes within the group of Easy Neutrals which are totally understated and extremely versatile. Neither too warm nor too cool, it has been designed to create a hushed and calming retreat.

Fiery Reds

Red is a daring colour with its bright and bold hue, but this Rectory Red from Farrow & Ball is a rich clean red that is warming and welcoming, especially to this large open-plan room.

Our client in Sawbridgeworth chose a two-tone colour scheme, with the island being the main attraction.

Gorgeous Greens

With ideas from us and the client, this collaborative approach resulted in a rich deep green as the main colour. This is Neptune Constable Green – a rich, inky colour created with depth and love. Our project in Chalfont St Giles is a dramatic yet inviting space.

Our project in Essex has been soaked in one of the OG’s colours from Farrow & Ball – Studio Green. It’s totally worth the investment as it delivers fantastic shading and tonal ranges in the light.

This part of the kitchen space is compact but still full of kitchen must-haves! Lichen by F&B has been hand-painted onto the cabinets – where the calm and muted green took our Brunswick Quay client by surprise.

After an initial meeting at our showroom, the couple’s style was described as fresh and exciting. Making this kitchen design pop, Vert De Terre by Farrow & Ball was chosen – a fresh and incredibly soft green. This London kitchen is stylish and certainly matches our client’s desires.

To make the detailed craftsmanship stand out and match beautifully with the made-to-order Armac Martin handles, our client in Wimbledon opted for a deep, dark green known as Studio Green by Farrow & Ball.

Our client in Elsenham, Essex took the plunge, removed a dividing wall between the smaller kitchen and dining room, and opened up the space. They opted for a traditional shaker hand-painted in Clay and Olive to match with other historic features of the home, both by Little Greene. Olive was chosen for the island – a deep shade derived from 18th-century origins and remains popular today.

Purple Power

We loved breathing new life into this Grade II listed property in Bishop’s Stortford. The central island has been hand-painted in Brinjal by Farrow & Ball.

Brinjal is a sophisticated aubergine colour where it takes its name from the beautifully deep and shiny skin of the vegetable. It can create a warm and highly sophisticated finish and looks particularly striking when used on a feature.

Pretty Pink

We well and truly embrace the current penchant for pink in this stunning space in Sandy. It’s a gentle and delicate pink and is known as Light Peachblossom by Little Greene.


This Essex project in Orsett is complete with visually interesting cabinetry, features and colours. The colours chosen are Rolling Fog by Little Greene and Card Room Green by Farrow & Ball.

Little Greene paints were chosen for this two-tone colour scheme in Margaretting, Ingatestone. The colour choices included Slaked Lime Deep No.150 and Basalt No.221. The interplay between the two-tone colour combinations and the elegant Clacatta Valencia Quartz, with the contrast of walnut, creates a seamless balance, bridging the past with the comforts of the present.

One of our projects keeps white and blue alive. Nestled in the heart of Hatfield Heath, a traditional home with an in-frame shaker handmade kitchen. Our client wanted to create a space that was filled with peace and calmness and chose the colours Wevet and Stiffkey Blue, both by Farrow & Ball.

Wevet is a delicate white with a hint of grey and Stiffkey Blue has been a popular colour throughout the years and consists of an inky navy base.

In a pretty village named Little Canfield is where we created this classic in-frame shaker kitchen. A beautiful combination of Down Pipe and Shaded White, both by Farrow & Ball is hand-painted onto the cabinets in this space. Down Pipe is a dramatic lead grey, created to add a fanatical zeal to the home and Shaded White is a light grey beige, an incredibly versatile colour.

Adding to our portfolio in 2022 this classic in-frame shaker kitchen in Standon is simply beautiful and if you look closer it is on a raised platform. The two colours we hand-painted the kitchen cabinets in were Down Pipe and Dimpse, both by Farrow & Ball. The dramatic lead grey from Down Pipe works well with the cool and delicate grey from Dimpse.

This project in Hatfield Broad Oak features a two-tone colour scheme working through the room.

The two colours chosen were Basalt 221 and Light French Grey Mid 162 both by Little Greene. Basalt 221 is a distinctive colour and portrays a timeless blue-black, this has been hand-painted onto the island and pantry cupboard. Light French Grey Mid 162 is a beautiful neutral hue that contrasts perfectly against the dark bold Basalt and is seen on the other furniture.

This absolute beauty we created in Hadley Wood has been designed with a statement island and a U-shaped layout. A two-tone colour scheme has been used too with colours from Little Greene – Juniper Ash 115 on the island and French Grey 113 on the main kitchen units.

Juniper Ash 115 is a gorgeous blue, with warmth and intimacy without being overwhelmed by its presence. French Grey 113 – usually mixed with a little blue and a red, when a “middle tint” was required, this “fancy” colour was far from cheap.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help with designing your dream kitchen in the colour of your choice and a bespoke space that is personal to you and your family – we look forward to hearing from you.

Originally 23/10/20, updated on 16/07/24

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