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First written 7/10/20 updated 23/3/23

The way we use our kitchens today has changed dramatically over the years, from just a room for the chef to an area that is a space for cooking, eating and gathering with family and friends to relax and entertain in. Open-plan spaces designed at The Handmade Kitchen Company are carefully thought out providing our clients with incredible family homes and a room that is multi-functional for the whole household.

An open-plan space is loved in many ways providing you with a flexible and relaxed feeling that a modern home today provides. It can be embraced by you and your family and friends for many years to come and be the heart of all your gatherings. Whether you have a big or small space, we can design the perfect one for you.

To start designing the open-plan space you want to be clear on how you want the different areas laid out. Zoning can help you move from one activity to another without the feeling of being in the kitchen the whole time. Furniture such as islands and breakfast bars can divide the kitchen from the dining/living space and still make the room feel whole.

When designing your kitchen the size and layout are important factors to consider. If you have the space we will be able to create a wonderful open-plan room in your home.

A selection of some of our open-plan projects

We have put together a selection of some of our projects below that feature open-plan spaces in small or larger rooms with different styles and colours. We want to give you an idea of how our bespoke furniture can fit into every corner of the open-plan space tieing in with everything and giving you so much more.

One of our latest projects is located in Maidenhead, where the Grade II listed property has been lovingly restored and renovated making room for a handmade kitchen to be fitted into the open-plan space. The space also allows for a dining table.

The aim of this open-plan layout was to create a relaxing atmosphere with the choice of cabinetry and colour. This smaller space in Upminster connects to nature and the greater outdoors beautifully while sharing alternative seating options.

Oozing a fantastic space and zen appeal, this open-plan room becomes the most favoured in the home. We added a galley layout, kitchen island, bench seating and a two-tone colour combination to this property in Hatfield Heath.

The finished result of this open-plan kitchen is a kind of space that makes you say wow. Featuring our Classic In-Frame shaker, high ceilings and exposed wooden beams, this handmade kitchen in Little Canfield is comfortable, homely, country chic and modern industrial.

Taking our skills to Brentwood, this Classic Shaker was designed and installed in a converted barn which is drop-dead gorgeous. the space was big enough to incorporate a lovely-sized island with seating and a dining table nearby.

Taking inspiration from regular travels to New York, our client wanted to bring the New York Loft style to their property in Clavering, Essex. Opting for our Classic Shaker the open-plan space was filled with an industrial style and a mix of materials. The room is designed as an L-shape where the kitchen sits in one part and the dining, and lounge in another.

Our Matching Green project is a beautiful example of a Classic In-Frame Shaker that leads into a fabulous wooden framed conservatory which pours natural light into the room.

This stunning open-plan space we created in Hatfield Broad Oak was made individual to the client and features our classic shaker-style furniture. The whole space is filled with truly bespoke separate pieces of furniture including a large island that zones the kitchen from the dining and living areas.

This layout design allows the cook to still get involved in the conversation with guests at the table, and then retreat to after cooking the most wonderful meal, as well as bringing the whole room together.

This absolute beauty of an open-plan space designed and built in Hadley Wood features our classic shaker and some impressive appliances from the award-winning Sub-Zero Wolf. A sofa sits at the back of the room with the kitchen opening up to the garden allowing lots of natural light and warmth in, the Summer.

L-shapes don’t get more functional than this one and especially if it is within an open-plan space. This kitchen in Clayhall features a large central island and a built-in dining table positioned centrally made from our classic shaker style. The island is used as a divider between the kitchen and living area and provides a space that is useful for everyday life.

This large and bright space in Upminster has been designed with a Scandinavian look and feel with our classic shaker style protruding through. The colour scheme is two-toned with a darker hue making the island a statement piece in the large room. The island has been built centrally to provide a great divider between the main kitchen and the eating area.

We enjoyed breathing new life into this kitchen we originally fitted in 2016 for the previous owner in Woodford Green. The whole area was extended and spaced out with us designing the kitchen in a new layout so that the island acted as the perfect divider between the sofas and dining table. What also makes this kitchen unique is the different levels and the huge glass roof, as well as the beautiful industrial style amongst our classic shaker furniture. Just look at all of that natural light too.

Our client in Hadley Wood pulled down the existing property and built a brand new home complete with a large open-plan space at the rear, this was where the kitchen was going to be with a living area. The back wall has been completed with large sliding doors boasting lots of natural light. The classic shaker kitchen sits to the left of the room as you walk through with a utility behind. The island acts as a divider centred between the kitchen and living area.

A gorgeous industrial-style kitchen sits here in this property in Hutton, we are loving the brick work. The island designed into this space is joined to a sawn oak breakfast bar/ dining table which is something unique, includes storage below and acts as a divider in this huge space.

There is nothing more divine than our traditional shaker and especially in this property in Cuffley, which is a new build. The open-plan space is home to the kitchen, dining and living area, with the stunning island creating a divider and centrepiece, complete with plush comfy stools.

In this very large space in Winchmore Hill, sees a large oblong island complete with a rounded edge creating the ideal seating area, as well as a divider from the kitchen to the dining table. The traditional shaker style looks perfect in the two-tone colour scheme and Wolf appliances surrounding it.

In this modern shaker in Billericay, the layout has been designed suitably for busy family everyday life as well as the different areas in the room. The perfect island sits between the main kitchen run and dining table acting as a divider and an additional seating area.

We love this modern shaker in London as the grand open-plan space provides a home for many tasks, such as the kitchen, dining room, garden room, playroom and office.

We love creating wonderful open-plan spaces in your home, creating that all-important multi-functional room. Contact us today for more information – we look forward to hearing from you.


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