Handleless Traditional Mapesbury Shaker 94 & Other Rooms – Orsett, Essex

Renovating a home is not for the faint-hearted and when you’re a keen cook, renovating a cottage located in the beautiful British countryside, the kitchen is bound to be at the centre of the project. The brief was to create a spacious, open-plan kitchen for entertaining and cooking delicious meals from a state-of-the-art appliance. Our clients wanted something a little different than the traditional shaker and opted for our Mapesbury handleless design.

When our clients now invite guests to their brand-new kitchen, they are part of the conversation, the island keeps everyone out of the way when the cook is in full flow because guests are on the other side but still part of the chat.

This hub has brought them together more as a family, naturally congregating in this one room. It’s not just visually pleasing but also a joy to live in.

At the heart of this neutral-coloured kitchen is an island that transcends its utilitarian purpose with serene aesthetics and flawless functionality. Positioning the appliances, bin solutions and sink area, allowed for the kitchen’s perimeter to include distinctive elements like a breakfast pantry and an exquisite mantel focal point. With the island having a generous surface, this also doubles as a functional workspace and a central hub for social interaction.

Complementing Rolling Fog and Card Room Green with brass/gold tones infuses warmth and visual interest to our Mapesbury cabinetry without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.

Further elevating the design, accents of burnt orange have been thoughtfully integrated throughout the styling, including the light fixture and the magnificent porcelain splashback. This means that the subtle burst of colour amplifies the warmth of the space while injecting a hint of contemporary flair.

The space is equipped with a Wolf 1219mm Dual Fuel Range with 4 Burners, Chargrill & Griddle. This robust stainless steel appliance effortlessly integrates into the large moulding design, guaranteeing a cohesive and efficient cooking workspace. Above is a bespoke hood where a Westin Twin Motor Prime Pro Extractor is installed for ultimate airflow satisfaction.

To elevate the industrial style and add a gorgeous splashback to the area is the Ascale Macchia Vecchia Porcelain. This ivory-white background comes with intense grey veining and orange highlights – providing unparalleled beauty and elegance to the interior.

Along this run of cabinetry is also where we find an integrated Libeherr full-height Fridge & Freezer. Placing appliances like these strategically behind cabinet doors enables the creation of a functional and optimised cooking area, without compromising on the overall aesthetics of the kitchen.

This sink run has been designed to be beautiful and functional and the pièce de résistance is the Brass Nivito sink and Quooker Pro3 Fusion Round Tap in Gold. This particular combination offers luxury and boiling water at the same time.

The Macchia Vecchia Ascale Porcelain splashback plays an important part too.

Something that captures the eye in this brand-new project is the booth seating that integrates into the island. Bringing together entertainment and relaxation, this bespoke island is featured at the room’s core, where a comfortable curved bench wraps around a beautiful, circular bespoke pedestal table, accommodating the entire family.

We teamed up with Casabella Herts who designed the furnishings for the booth seat and bespoke dining chairs to match.

Our clients have a love for green and thought about incorporating this into their kitchen design. Wondering whether they would prefer the whole kitchen painted green or just a section, they decided for the island to be hand-painted in Card Room Green by Farrow & Ball to provide the room with a focal point. This dark grey-green really comes alive when contrasted with a warm neutral and is the wall colour too.

Innovative storage is seen in all corners of the space, where we’ve maximised it through meticulously handcrafted solutions. From a breakfast pantry to drawers featuring bespoke inserts, every inch is optimised for seamless organisation, balancing practicality with enhanced visual appeal.

The complete WOW factor goes into this walk-in pantry, where our furniture makes an additional room, floor-to-ceiling. It’s the most culinary convenience we have ever seen in the corner of an expansive open-plan space!

Our client wanted to elevate their kitchen experience with a meticulously crafted, bespoke pantry solution that would blend seamlessly with their kitchen design. What our designer Billie has executed, is perfect. This handcrafted room sits behind our Mapesbury moulded doors with a push-to-open mechanism. What you find inside is truly breathtaking.

Designed with an L-shaped layout, bespoke artisan open-shelving makes the perfect rows for those glass storage jars. We added a Tongue and Groove feature to the backdrop and hand-painted it in Rolling Fog by Little Greene.

Below we find walnut shelving and pull-out drawers and the worktop is a quartz called Heartly Grey that makes a beautiful shelf too!

Elevating the heart of the home, this functional utility provides our client with a space to keep laundry out of view. Designed in our Mapesbury just like the kitchen, the cabinets have been hand-painted in Rolling Fog to give a beautiful neutral look.

We believe every corner in your home deserves the touch of exquisite craftsmanship and that is why we design utility rooms that beautifully coexist with the kitchen.

Adding to the functions of this room are Bosch appliances in graphite, a Franke stainless steel sink and pull-out spray tap and durable worktops – Heartly Grey quartz.

With a recessed fire and flat-screen TV above, this media wall provides a striking contrast that is sure to impress. This room has been tailored to the contemporary family life and relaxed social gatherings in mind.

Soaked in Rolling Fog by Little Greene, our Traditional Mapesbury media wall spans the back of this exquisite comfortable space. Merging luxury and functionality, the TV is seamlessly designed into the wall with a special place for the soundbar and recessed fire below and cupboards and shelves on either side.

The closed storage has been designed to store board games and special serveware and the glass open shelving to display stylish decor. To finish the luxury style we added Tongue and Groove panels to the backdrop and a quartz worktop known as Heartly Grey with an Ogee edge.

What’s more exciting than having a room adjacent to your bedroom that shouts luxury dressing? With an array of features and accessories, this stylish dressing room oozes glamour and sophistication all the while being extremely practical.

This is HMK’s Devine Style Raised Panel, hand-painted in Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball – a darkened historic blue. The glistening polished brass pull handles are by Armac Martin that amplify the interior and come with a distinctive look and gorgeous diamond knurl.

A narrow room filled with bespoke floor-to-ceiling furniture, glass-fronted cabinets, walnut internals and a soft, cream carpet is a nod to a haven of tranquil indulgence.

bespoke home office study

The sixth room to be completed in this divine cottage in the country is this bespoke study room. A home office that makes working from home a joy!

Continuing our handleless approach throughout the home, this contemporary take on the traditional panelled design is featured in this home office and is completed with push-to-open doors, as well as ‘J-pull’ hidden handles on the drawers. We added glass for a mix to the middle countertop cupboard.

Continuing the neutral approach the study furniture is hand-painted in Rolling Fog by Little Greene and oak-planked tops to complete the look.

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