Traditional Raised Shaker & Other Rooms 102 – Kensington, London

Situated just south of Kensington Palace and Gardens (one of the most prestigious locations in London), we find this lovely slim U-shaped kitchen full of style and beauty. Smaller in size but the sleek lines are still evident in this project within the tall cornices and external skirting. We loved working in this stately Victorian building!

Our client’s luxury bespoke kitchen journey began with a visit to The Handmade Kitchen Co showroom. The couple were able to see the exquisite quality of our furniture for themselves which would provide them with a unique and personal space that would be loved for many years to come.

Our client wanted to showcase their impeccably good taste and opted for our Traditional Raised shaker. It has been highlighted with a black paint hand-painted onto the cabinets known as Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore and a copper/orange tile. It’s a rich shade of black with a hint of warmth. Versatile and sophisticated, black is a colour that can enhance any style of home, whether cosy or chic, soft or bold. Incorporating black paint, whether subtly or boldly, can make a significant impact on interior design.

This kitchen isn’t just a culinary experience but is designed to make memories with loved ones in the space they call the heart of the home.

Enhancing the cooking journey is the Rangemaster Classic Deluxe 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker in Black & Brass Trim which has been put alongside the cutting-edge Westin Prime extractor.

Taking one step further with the design, this range cooker hosts a lot of additional benefits. This is a statement appliance thanks to its bevelled doors, arched glass viewing windows, a handy towel rail and chunky control knobs and handles. No matter how small or large your kitchen, the Classic Deluxe suits all spaces.

Having a clear direction of how our clients wanted their kitchen style, they opted for a Nivito Brass sink, Quooker PRO3 Fusion Round Tap in Gold & Quooker Cube and a Quooker Soak Dispenser in Gold. All three items instantly add grandeur to the space, while maintaining a balanced and understated presence.

To offset the boldness of the Black Beauty cabinetry, the Calacatta Viola Marble Honed worktops provide a striking contrast with their pristine polished finish. This juxtaposition creates a visually captivating and inviting kitchen space.

This bold and sophisticated marble features dramatic burgundy and violet veins that swirl around fields of cream and gold, drawing the eye to explore the abundant depths of colour and movement.

Features include an Ogee edge and splashback.

The intricate features make up the kitchen design and the ones in this space are the decorative cornices and the Armac Martin ‘Bakes’ cabinet handles in burnished brass.

Throughout this London townhouse, there was beautiful scribing in each room. Our client wanted it to flow nicely throughout the whole property and added it to the rooms we designed – the kitchen and bedroom. Adding to the theme and grandeur of the building, these decorative cornices look beautiful amongst the high ceilings.

With a fluid-edged shape, the ‘Bakes’ handles bring an effortless look and feel to the cabinetry. This sophisticated choice certainly complements the kitchen in this period property.

Innovative storage solutions are integrated throughout the space, showcasing meticulous handcrafted designs that maximise functionality. From a dedicated pantry cupboard to drawers equipped with bespoke inserts, every inch is optimized for seamless organisation, blending practicality with elevated visual appeal.

There are even bespoke chopping boards that are thoughtfully arranged within the design for seamless living!

Adding to the kitchen and providing a comfortable seating arrangement is this banquette. The unparalleled comfort and style our client has gone for have created a beautiful space to relax and entertain. With the space not being big enough for an island, this was the next best thing!

The banquette has been hand-painted in Farrow & Ball All White No.2005. It’s exactly what it says it is, a totally pure white with no other pigment. For a stunning contrast pair it with a blue. This is exactly what our client did when their choice was a blue cushion!

Give your bedroom a personalised luxury just like our client did in Kensington. The traditional raised cabinets merge with the practical essence of an organised space, where the bedroom has been meticulously tailored to evoke a sense of relaxation and opulence.

The attention has to go to the dressing table/TV unit. A charming Duck Egg colour that matches the rest of the bedroom is harmonised by walnut panelling, which adds depth and visual interest. Simultaneously, the modern allure of the brass handles shines in striking contrast.

As you can see the beautifully detailed cornices have been added to the bedroom and we also flowed our Traditional shaker design into this space. You will also find slim wardrobes, overhead storage and and open-shelf bookcase.

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