Space-saving Storage & Enhancing Ideas for Smaller Kitchens

We may not all be fortunate to have a large open-plan kitchen, but there are plenty of small kitchen design ideas that will help you create a stylish yet functional hub of the home. We have many intelligent storage solutions and enhancing ideas for you to feast your eyes on, so take a look below.

We have been crafting bespoke handmade shaker style kitchens for over two decades and have created many designs over this time to suit a wide range of personalities, available space and budget.

Alternative Kitchen Islands – The Portable Island

Unfortunately, not all kitchens are built to the size where a fixed island is possible. To offer more solutions of an island to our clients where they could still create their dream kitchen within any sized space they had, we came up with the design of a portable island – instantly accessible, extra worktops space, positioned where you want it and something that would perfectly fit underneath the worktops and units for a clean and sleek look.

Slim & Pull-out Larders

To maximise storage and efficiency within a compact kitchen, pull-out larders and slim pantries are ideal for this type of space. The bespoke nature of our designs means that each storage system can be unique to you, whether it’s deep, cage structured or discrete. You don’t want to overcrowd your kitchen with wall cabinetry as this can make the space feel more enclosed. How to create an illusion of space is to design tall cabinets on one side with open shelving on the other.

Space-saving Drawers

Drawers offer maximum use of space and are essential when planning storage in a small kitchen. The drawers can be designed to your exact specifications and allow easy access instead of delving into the back of kitchen cupboards. Choose deep drawers for pots and pans, opt for clever pull-out designs with two drawers in one, and go for bespoke internal organisers for cutlery and spices.

All our drawers are made from solid timber with beautifully handcrafted dovetail joints.

Internal Storage

Different internal storage solutions will help in keeping your kitchen organised and clutter-free. The kitchen is the central hub of the home, so you want everything on hand to make completing tasks easier. To gain valuable space opt for intelligent pull-out corner units for the cooking and prep areas. Are you after a streamlined kitchen design that is organised as much as possible? Choose a simple solution such as an integrated recycling bin.

Compact Appliances

When it comes down to the appliances in a smaller kitchen, you need to consider the size. There are some fantastic compact solutions from many manufacturers, so it doesn’t always have to be the bigger the better. Built-under draw fridges and dishwashers are ideal, and for the wine connoisseurs, built-under wine coolers look incredibly sleek.

You can keep the kitchen looking spacious with an integrated hob with vented extraction. This allows you to do away with overhead extraction creating room for more storage, or a mirrored splashback to enhance the room and create an illusion of more space. A Quooker tap is also a great idea to save on bulky appliances sitting on the work surface.

Seating Arrangements

The kitchen is seen as the hub of the home and needs to serve multiple functions. It doesn’t just mean that this space is just to cook, eat and entertain, you want a little cosy place to unwind in after a busy day. Compact kitchens can benefit from a cosy window nook or a clever built-in bench with added storage underneath. If there isn’t enough room for a separate dining table, incorporate a small breakfast nook with bespoke seating and a small bespoke round table.

Kitchen Layout

The layout should consist of the ‘kitchen triangle’, where the hob, sink and refrigerator and in all three points of the triangle and it also means everything is within arms reach. Place the sink on the opposite side of the cooker in a galley kitchen. Avoid cramming in too much cabinetry in a small U-shaped kitchen and utilise all corners with clever pull-out solutions and only use wall cabinets on one side for a spacious feel.


Creative lighting solutions in the kitchen can be just as highly effective as natural light to create a bright and open feel. When you layer lighting, there will be adequate illumination at any time of the day. The three main types of lighting are ambient, task and accent. Task lighting such as under cupboard LEDs and pendants suspended from the ceiling work very well together. Dimmer switches will allow you to create a relaxed mood when entertaining.

Glass-fronted Cabinets

Glass-fronted cabinets are a great way to break up the repetitiveness of solid fronted doors and they also maximise the flow of light into darker corners. You can see clearly everyday essentials too with glass-fronted cabinets.

Mirrored Splashback

Add some personality and charm into the kitchen with a mirrored splashback – maximise the light flow around the room if natural light is limited, and choose a unique antique style for a classic design.

Colour Scheme

Lighter colours are more beneficial to a smaller kitchen space, but you don’t have to go with just white. There are some beautiful neutrals in the colour palette that are timeless and keep a small space fresh and feeling spacious.

Worktop Surface

A quartz worktop is a durable stone and come in a range of beautiful colours, patterns and finishes. An uninterrupted, seamless stone such as quartz is great for a smaller kitchen as it creates the illusion of space.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke handmade besigns contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.

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