Cosy Autumnal Trends for the Kitchen

We have been very lucky in the UK this year with numerous heatwaves and the weather being simply stunning. It’s now the time of year when the temperature drops and you look to add warmth and cosiness to the home with a seasonal makeover.

The nights get shorter and darker and we cosy up in our homes more than ever, spending plenty of family time together and enjoying the upcoming magical seasons. Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean to say everything needs to be doom and gloom, you can change your home décor to a happy and bright homey style that you can enjoy in every way.

Get ideas from us at Handmade Kitchen Company and spruce up your kitchen with these inspiring autumnal trends.

Inspiring Organic Materials

When we look at natural materials, they all promote a sense of well-being, comfort and warmth. It is so easy to bring the outdoors in with materials such as brick, stone, timber, rattan and metals. Layer up the room with a thick pile gorgeous rug, solid wood bar stools, plush cushions and fresh linen tablecloths and napkins.

You can also bring a sense of natural and tranquil vibes to your bespoke kitchen design with natural worktops and splashbacks like a quartz.

Cosy Kitchen Seating

Do you have an unused corner or a stunning window view? How about creating a snuggly corner this autumn? The space can become so versatile and ideal for an informal gathering, intimate candlelit dinners, reading a book with a cup of tea or a space for the children to do their homework. No matter how big the space is we will work with you and your room to add a cosy kitchen nook that will be the star of the show. Add layers of cushions and blankets to make it really cosy, bringing the whole room’s aesthetics together.

Create a Luxurious Look

The summer is passing and we look to swap pretty pastels with deeper and richer hues such as forest greens and bold blues. This colour palette is a popular kitchen trend and we know it’s here to stay. These opulent jewel tones bring drama, character and a story that everyone can indulge in.

Layer your Lighting

The old fashion way of creating a cosy atmosphere in your home and a much cheaper option are candles, but if you have minimal light entering your kitchen space there are a few clever tips and tricks to add more ambience. Enhance your space by adding cabinet strip lighting or plinth lighting.

This type of design has a massive impact on your mood and well-being as the season’s change, so it is important to layer up your lighting correctly. Make the room warmer by adding feature lighting in glass cabinets to highlight decorative items or around a statement kitchen island. Opt for accent lighting such as pendants and chandeliers to illuminate the areas and add to more formal occasions.

Pantry Perfect

Autumn is the season when we declutter and have a rejig within our homes. The best feeling is knowing that the home is ready for indoor party season. We believe integrated storage solutions such as spice racks, wine racks and larder units are the way forward to keep clutter away from the worktops.

Pantries are normally on most people’s kitchen wishlists and we are seeing them all over social media, styled with beautiful labelled jars. These not only look stylish, but the clever design makes it so much easier to find each ingredient – it’s the simple things in life. Match the glass storage jars with the natural style kitchen by opting for ones with wooden lids.

At Handmade Kitchen Company we have many solutions to design a pantry for your kitchen, from a full-height pull-out larder to a walk-in style.

Contact us today to get more ideas for your bespoke kitchen and how to add the cosy autumn trend to your home – we look forward to hearing from you.

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