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When it comes to deciding which choice of kitchen lighting is right for you, it can be quite tricky and one of the hardest things to get right. There are many different options when it comes to kitchen lights, each lighting option has different uses and needs. Lighting generally falls into 3 different categories:


Ambient lighting gives off a soft, natural glow which is not too harsh in your eyes. It creates a comfortable atmosphere and is often referred to a ‘mood-lighting’ Ambient lighting can be achieved with track or recessed lights and dimmers.


Task Lighting illuminates particular areas of your kitchen where you will perform ‘tasks’ such as cooking and cleaning etc. They are usually placed under cabinets, so it brightens up the worktops where you cook and prepare food. Some task lights include downlight, pendant lighting and Directional recessed fixture.


Accent lighting creates more drama and draws attention to specific areas or objects in your kitchen. Popular types of accent lights include: recessed lights, track lights and flood lights.

Many people get confused about which bulbs and category of lighting they should choose. Generally the most popular forms of lighting are: LED, Halogen and Fluorescent. Here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we can help you determine which choice of lighting is right for you and which one would be more efficient. We have a wide range of different lighting options to suit your needs and various styles and types of lights to create mood, atmosphere and practicality.

Different types of lights:

LED Lighting

LED lights make your kitchen look modern and simplistic whilst giving it a warm atmospheric glow. LEDs such as plinth lights, are significantly small low-level lights that are generally installed into kitchen kick boards and under kitchen countertops. They fit in neatly with the surrounding décor and are highly popular as they can be a decorative feature themselves.

Plinth lights are not too overpowering so they give your kitchen just enough light to see clearly without the intense brightness. A key feature of LED lights is that they are available in many different colours and tones. This is great for matching your kitchen colour scheme and adds personalisation. They also work wonders for highlighting different colours and textures in your kitchen, particularly your floor.

Halogen Lighting

A halogen light is very similar to a standard light bulb or incandescent lamp, the key difference is that halogen lights use gas. The halogen gas enables the bulb to have a longer shelf life whilst increasing the input of light. They are widely used due to the low price and the soft warm glow that they produce. However, halogens are not very energy efficient and do not last as long as other lights such as LEDS. Therefore, Halogen lights are more suited for kitchens with minimal use.

Fluorescent Lighting

Like halogen, fluorescent lights are relatively cheap to buy but they last a lot longer. They give you a lot more light per watt compared to the halogen lights so they are more energy efficient. A key feature of fluorescent lighting is that they are highly stylish and decorative. There is a huge choice of sleek modern designs such as, chrome and glass which complement your kitchen and make it stand out.

LED, Halogen or Fluorescent?

LED lights are relatively more expensive than halogen but they are known for being more energy efficient. Around 80% of the electricity used by LEDs; is used as light energy and the bulbs produce very little heat. This means very little electricity is wasted and you get more use for your money. As well as being energy efficient, LEDs are durable and last a long time. The light they produce is very close to being natural and there are different options such as warm white, cool white, pure white and natural white. Another key benefit is that you have the option to choose coloured lights, which are brilliant for setting a theme or specific atmosphere.

Halogen lights are significantly cheaper than LEDs but they are not very energy efficient. They produce a warm, natural glow which reach their full brightness at the flick of a switch and can be used with dimmers. They are very cheap, easy to obtain and are easily available. The problem with halogen lights is that they get hot very quickly and consume a lot of energy. Halogen lights only use approximately 30% of the 70% of energy that is required to power them, this makes your energy bills increase significantly. Although halogen bulbs are a lot cheaper to purchase, the cost of keeping them running is much higher compared to the initial price of LED lights.

Fluorescent lights are relatively good energy saving lights but not as good as LEDS. They are very stylish, modern and are highly decorative. However, they can contain harmful mercury and if a bulb breaks or shatters, it can be harmful to people, pets and the environment.

Choosing the correct type of lights for your kitchen is vital for setting the mood, atmosphere and carrying out practical tasks. It is a good idea to do some research or see some examples of different lighting to see which option is right for you.

If you would like any more information about your kitchen lighting options, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex. We also have a fully functioning showroom where you can see some of the different ranges of kitchen lights in full action. We look forward to hearing from you.

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