Barbiecore Design: Bringing a Touch of Glamour to your Culinary Space

The colour ‘PINK’ has already been embraced in the last year. The pink ‘Barbiecore’ trend swiftly gained popularity throughout 2023 and continues to be just as popular this year in kitchen design as we see it make its way through our projects. It was largely influenced by the Barbie movie released on July 21st 2023. It’s no wonder that 2023’s most anticipated movie release has made its way into the realm of interior design. Get ready for the era of ‘Barbiecore’.

The relationship between interior design and cinema has always been strong. Think back to ‘The Great Gatsby’, it made art-deco popular in 2013, while ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ sparked an interest in muted pastel palettes and mid-century decor in 2014.

Barbiecore encourages incorporating different pink palettes into the home. It allows you to work with your creativity and let it shine to fill your home with elements that bring joy. It’s about celebrating Barbie’s bold, positive spirit while blending it with your own unique personality and style. To master Barbiecore, focus on incorporating vibrant colours, eye-catching statement pieces, visually appealing fixtures, daring patterns, and unexpected whimsical touches throughout your living spaces. You’ll soon discover that life in plastic can indeed be pretty fantastic.

Traditional Shaker 96 – Sandy

In collaboration with our client, we have fully embraced the current trend for pink in this beautiful space. As you enter the room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the elegant dusky pink island painted in Light Peachblossom by Little Greene. Painting your kitchen island pink is a great way to tap into the trend if you’re not quite ready to go all out.

The Definition of Barbiecore

“Barbiecore” is a fashion and aesthetic trend inspired by Mattel’s iconic figure, Barbie, who has embodied playful and unapologetically feminine aesthetics since her debut in the 1950s. Known for her glamorous wardrobe, Barbie’s essence is celebrated in Barbiecore through vibrant colours, statement accessories, and retro-infused motifs.

Initially inspired by fashion, Barbiecore embodies Barbie’s enduring optimism and versatility, characterised by a blend of patterns and textures that mirror her success in over 200 careers. This ethos reflects the brand’s encouragement of self-expression not just in personal style but also in home decor.

Traditional Shaker 38 – Islington

Our traditional shaker in Islington is a charming space with beautiful elements that make it the place to be! Throughout the design, you will find accents of pink, from the flowers to the vase to the patterned wall lights.

Barbiecore Kitchen Design

Barbiecore isn’t just about fashion and decor – it can also transform your kitchen into a stylish and playful area.

How can you infuse Barbie’s iconic style into your kitchen design?

Pink Accents

Incorporate Barbie’s signature pink colour into your kitchen through cabinetry, splashbacks, or small appliances like toasters or mixers.

Glamourous Materials

Marble countertops, mirrored surfaces, or hardware with a glossy finish add sophistication and flair to your kitchen.

Statement Lighting

Install eye-catching lighting fixtures that make a bold statement. These can either be pink in colour or a chandelier or pendant with crystal accents that bring a touch of Barbie’s glamour into your culinary space.

Playful Patterns

Introduce playful patterns through wallpaper, tiles or textiles. Consider using bold stripes, polka dots, or floral prints to add a sense of whimsy to your kitchen.

Vintage-Inspired Accessories

Add vintage-inspired accessories to the space like retro appliances or decorative items that evoke nostalgia for Barbie’s era. Think chrome finishes, colourful appliances, or quirky decor pieces.


Display colourful dishware and glassware on open shelves to showcase your style and add visual interest.

Accessorise with Glamour

Add finishing touches with glamorous accessories such as decorative trays, faux fur throws on barstools, or gold accents to elevate the look.

Mapesbury Shaker 37 – London

We met our client’s needs in every way possible with our bespoke handleless design and the luxurious Arabascato Marble worktops. Elevating the design is a pink cast iron casserole pot.

Styling a Barbiecore Kitchen

Smeg Pink Stand Mixer

Smeg Pink Toaster

Smeg Pink Kettle

Next Pink House of Fun Framed Wall Art

Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Round Tin Tray

Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Tea Towel & Double Oven Glove Set

Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole


Have you been inspired by this blog to add a touch of Barbiecore to your kitchen? Contact us today, book an appointment and let our expertise show you how we can design your dream kitchen with a hint of pink.

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