Introducing Pink & Red into the Kitchen with Little Greene

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we’re exploring the power of pink and red paint colours for romantic interior schemes.

Little Greene’s versatile pink and red paint collection can be used for any style of home. For something a little softer, browse the selection of delicate pink paints, from the sweetness of Confetti to the stronger dusky pink, Light Peachblossom. Red is traditionally an expensive colour to produce and the classic paint shades in the collection have always carried an air of opulence.

The key to successfully styling with pink in the kitchen is to choose items that complement the overall look, so balancing pink accents with neutrals or contemporary colours is how the designers do it!

We have carefully selected our favourites and which ones we think will look great soaked onto our handmade cabinetry. Take a look through each colour detail, what one will you be choosing for your next kitchen/home project? We also share with you our brand-new project which features a gentle dusky pink kitchen island in the heart of the home.

Muted reds & pinks

Muted reds and pinks encapsulate those dusky colours so popular with many designers. All colours from this section whether they are pale or strong are redolent of flowers and the easy nature of soft furnishings. Blush offers a natural gentle pink as well as a deep red, as the red ochre pigment offers a not-too-sweet ambience for a project. Alternatively, Light Peachblossom is our standout dusky pink with a hint of violet.

Dorchester Pink

Dorchester Pink is an elegant shade of pink. A 1960s article on an interior in the Dorchester Hotel describes the use of this colour: ‘Lilac provides an unusually restful setting for this bedroom. The room is given a gay note by the harlequin effect of the bed drapes and valance.’

Light Peachblossom

A rather exclusive colour once used in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton and in the dining room of the Regency Town House. Light Peachblossom is a gentle dusky pink paint, perfect as an all-over shade on the walls or as a contrasting accent. This stunning soft hue pairs beautifully with Grey Teal to ground the scheme.

Sandy Project

We are so excited to share our brand-new project with you which includes this dusky pink paint hand-painted onto the island in this delightful country property in Sandy. Our client has truly embraced the current penchant for pink in this space and, upon walking into this room, your eyes will immediately turn to this soft hue.

What has been created here is a tranquil spa atmosphere with a touch of wooden elements that are simply stunning. Just look at how much light bounces around the room!


A muted, rosy pink paint colour that creates a strong statement without being overbearing. It combines well with related darks such as Dark Lead Colour in a calming bathroom scheme, or with deep greens like Ambleside for a classic pink and green pairing.

Nether Red

Since ancient times, Alderley Edge in Cheshire has been famous for its local copper mine and Nether Alderley Mill: a traditional flour mill which has been central to local agriculture for over 600 years. This beautiful and profound mud-red paint colour is found in the bare sandstone walls of the original mill and can be seen in its full glory on the southwest face. This warm neutral is comfortable in both classic and contemporary styles and has been created for part of Little Greene’s National Trust Stone collection.

Ashes of Roses

Ashes of Roses is a soft brownish red achieved by mixing the primary red with the secondary green and is favoured for its depth and discretion.


This deep red paint colour can be found in Hardwick Hall, a historical property in the care of the National Trust. Bess of Hardwick was the wealthiest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth I and her house was filled with rich furnishings and tapestries. Within the house, a chapel contains a rare wall hanging, painted with scenes from the life of St Paul, where this deep, earthy red repeatedly features.

Bright reds & pinks

The popularity of strong reds has been with us for decades. Deep red walls have been introduced into dining spaces and lounges for an opulent intimacy. Theatre Red or Baked Cherry fit this bill. More dynamic shades, like Mischief and Leather, should be saved for rooms of activity, like the kitchen.


A colour card of 1968 includes Carmine, described as a “dusky pink – one of the ‘new-this-year’ emulsion colours”. This vibrant pink is perfect for children’s bedrooms, where it works well as a playful colour highlight on furniture. Pair with walls in the related white, Hollyhock, for a balanced feel.

We can see this pink being introduced into dressing rooms for the overall luxury experience.


Leather is the brightest of pink paints, and is a signature colour from 1970 where it was used in conjunction with Marigold and Purpleheart in the most arresting colour schemes of the time. Pair with Invisible Green to make an impressive statement, or create a tonal scheme using this bold pink paint colour with Loft White or Down.

Baked Cherry

This sumptuous and wonderfully rich colour is a classic crimson red. Hugely popular for dining rooms and studies.

Theatre Red

A sophisticated burgundy paint shade from the late 1970s which saw continued popularity into the next decade, alongside Deep Space Blue and Vincent. Theatre Red brings a romantic feel to any space.

Light reds & pinks

The key to choosing a light pink paint colour is to recognise which shades contain an element of violet and which are red-orange. Chemise is a pale pink without too much sweetness.

Julie’s Dream

This light pink paint shade is based on umber which gives warmth without being too sweet.


Chemise is a subdued and delicate pink paint that brings warmth and intimacy to any room.


A delicate and usable shade with celebratory charm and a romantic ambience. This beautiful light pink contrasts well with darker colours such as Lamp Black for a bold yet inviting kitchen space. An alternative colour palette could be using Confetti alongside moody greens such as Livid for a contemporary take on a classic pink and green pairing.


Hellebore is a dusky pink paint, providing the right amount of prominence and sophistication for any room. Containing a muted violet note, this tone of pink is ideal for adding interest to classic schemes.


View more in the Pink & Red Little Greene collection on their website.

Looking to add a pink or red hue to your handmade kitchen? Contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. There are plenty of reds and pinks to get excited about from Little Greene.

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