How can we Embrace Pink in the Kitchen?

Pink is a surprisingly versatile shade and many people think it’s more of a traditional colour for the bedroom or living room, but when it comes to kitchen design it can also be used effectively in this space to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you are aiming to add a subtle touch or a striking statement in your space, there are numerous ways to integrate this remarkably adaptable colour.

‘The Barbie Movie’ has been hot topic for many and lots of homeowners have decided to implement the colour pink into their homes.

The key to successfully styling the kitchen with pink is to choose items that complement the overall look, so balancing pink accents with neutrals or contemporary colours is how the designers do it!

In this blog, we talk about all things pink and how this colour creates the most imaginative and inspiring kitchens, from sweet colour combinations to playful accessories. We have just added a brand new project to our portfolio too, showcasing a pink island within a bright and airy tranquil space!

How to choose the right shade

As it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect day to talk pink! Pink is often associated with feelings of warmth, love, creativity and playfulness, and can be a fresh alternative to neutrals. The kitchen is the heart of the home, you want it to be the place where you inject some personality and visual interest. As we have previously stated, pink is a versatile colour and can be used to paint walls and drench bespoke cabinetry. Combine it with soft neutrals for a pair-back look and zesty greens or deep blues for a more energetic, playful look.

When it comes to deciding on the shade of pink, it comes down to what style you want in your kitchen and what mood you want to create in your space. Here are a few options from Little Greene.

Our Sandy project well and truly embraced the current penchant for pink. Your eyes are instantly drawn to the gentle dusky pink kitchen island – this is Light Peachblossom by Little Greene. This delicate pink has been combined with a pure mineral colour (Flint by Little Greene) and wooden elements for a beautiful peaceful look.

Implementing pink in the kitchen with these top tips

A pink kitchen island

The kitchen island becomes the focal point simply because it can become the hub for entertaining. Hand-painting a pink hue onto the island can instantly lift a kitchen design. Pink not only injects a playful and creative vibe into the room but also establishes a distinctive and daring focal point. It serves as an excellent way to incorporate a burst of colour without fully embracing an entirely pink scheme. Offset the pink statement island with neutral wall cabinetry and white surfaces just like our client in Sandy. If you feel a little daring, pair it with black hardware and contrasting paint colours in moody tones.

Two-tone colour combinations

A two-tone colour scheme introduces depth and dimension to the kitchen. This design concept involves pairing two distinct cabinetry colours to establish a striking contrast, breaking up a single-coloured kitchen. The key to making this design successful is finding a balance between the two colours and selecting contemporary shades that harmonise effectively.


  • Choose light and dark shades of the same colour.
  • Opt for two colours positioned opposite each other on the colour wheel.
  • Create a focal point with pink and paint the surrounding cabinetry in a neutral hue such as white or cream.

Combinations like navy blue and pink are showing to be popular, along with green and pink pairings. If a contrasting island isn’t preferred, you can use colour-blocking techniques elsewhere in the kitchen to achieve a unique visual appeal.

Everything pink

For those who are seeking to make a bold statement in their kitchen and feel confident in incorporating bright and daring shades, opt for everything pink. This involves painting the walls, cabinets and other surfaces in a single, attention-grabbing colour, resulting in a monochromatic look that is both striking and harmonious.

When colour drenching is executed correctly, it can establish a dynamic and energising atmosphere, sometimes creating the illusion of more space. However, you need to bear in mind that colour drenching can become overwhelming without a balance of neutral accents, so carefully consider the overall aesthetic of your kitchen before making a final decision.

Combine with statement surfaces and shiny fixtures and fittings

Infuse layers of interest into your scheme by incorporating details like statement worktops, chrome hardware and reeded glass – all these features harmonise seamlessly with pink. Veined surfaces have gained in popularity over the years and these white surfaces that adorn neutral veining can introduce a touch of feminity and luxury to any room it’s placed in. Worktops with dark, pronounced markings can bring energy and drama, complementing traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Seen in our Sandy project is a traditional kitchen complemented with a quartz worktop known as Bianco Carrara that gives the jewel top the kitchen desires.

Dresser backdrop

Are you craving a burst of colour but hesitant to fully commit to an entire wall or set of cabinets? Another way to inject colour into the kitchen is to paint a dresser’s backdrop, it can be a fantastic way of bringing pink into the mix without overpowering the space. Picture a bi-fold pantry where you open the doors to unveil a pink interior, or a glazed glass-fronted pantry cupboard featuring rosy tones. This kind of beautiful backdrop will be the perfect addition to highlight ceramics, glassware and charming kitchen accessories.

Styling with pink accessories

Successfully styling with pink in the kitchen involves selecting items that enhance the overall aesthetic, there needs to be a balance between the pink accents and neutrals or complementary colours. By incorporating various shades of pink and harmonising them with different colours and textures, you can craft your dream kitchen that is both stylish and functional.

Check out our Pink & Red Little Greene blog for more colours and inspiration.

We look forward to working with you and designing your dream bespoke kitchen with a touch of pink. How will you be incorporating this versatile shade into your kitchen design?

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