Maximise Your Living Spaces with a Bespoke Media Wall

Bring cinematic experiences to life with our bespoke media units. Are you hosting a sporting event? Or do you want to watch the latest high-budget blockbuster? Create an entertainment space that deserves to look as good as it makes you feel with all your favourite people.

At The Handmade Kitchen Company, our bespoke media walls are more than just furniture. We seamlessly blend style with the technological requirements you desire, crafting a space where entertainment meets sophistication. Unlock the complete potential of your media area with bespoke designs – because every corner of your home deserves the touch of exceptional craftsmanship. We’re increasingly being asked to design and build media walls as part of larger whole-home commissions.

Every open-plan space deserves our bespoke furniture, particularly media units, as they enhance any living space beautifully. We’ve constructed and designed numerous media units that span entire walls or just a portion, creating a striking presence in any interior. Our approach achieves a harmonious balance between cabinetry and open shelving, highlighting the importance of storage and organisation, while also showcasing our dedication to crafting designs that exude style and sophistication.

The Benefits of a Media Wall or Media Unit

As mentioned a media wall or unit can greatly enhance your living space, organising your home entertainment setup for you to enjoy. We look at some of the advantages below:

  • They are designed to maximise the utilisation of available space, whether in a small apartment, a spacious living room or open open-plan space. Media walls efficiently organise and house various media components, eliminating clutter and creating a streamlined look.
  • This type of bespoke furniture can be tailored to suit your specific needs and preferences. From the layout to the materials used, you can customise every aspect of the design, complementing your interior decor and accommodating your entertainment equipment.
  • Media walls serve as a focal point in the room, adding visual interest and enhancing the overall aesthetics. With either a contemporary or traditional look, both designs can elevate the style of any space, creating a sophisticated ambience.
  • Often built with features that allow for cable management, integrated speakers, and hidden compartments for storing media devices, this design ensures a seamless and clutter-free entertainment experience.
  • Media units offer ample storage for items such as books, decorative items and so much more. They can also be used as a display unit for showcasing sentimental pieces and photographs.

HMK’s Media Wall/Unit Projects

Tailored media walls and units provide a solution for accommodating essential home entertainment features, seamlessly blending them into your interior layout. Whether you want to hide your audiovisual equipment or organise your multimedia collections, our designs at HMK will cater to every specific need. Discover a selection of some of our popular configurations below from our very own projects.

Orsett Project

This bespoke media wall was part of a large home project that is the epitome of refined design. Soaked in Rolling Fog by Little Greene, our Traditional Mapesbury furniture is seen on either side of the recessed fire and flat-screen TV. Both sides are symmetrical and our client’s treasured ornaments are displayed prominently.

An exquisite comfortable space that has been tailored to the contemporary family life and relaxed social gatherings in mind.

Ingatestone Project

Flowing our cabinetry to this stunning lounge area, the TV is in the perfect place to enjoy from all angles of the room. The beautiful walnut backing creates a luxurious feel which is complemented by the neutral paint colour of Slaked Lime Deep by Little Greene. This media wall is not just furniture, it’s a statement piece that enhances the heritage of the property.

Elstree Project

Step into the entertaining room at our Elstree project. This huge space is a fusion of luxury and functionality with our unique curved seating area and bespoke media unit. It means you can catch up with your favourite films or TV series whilst eating breakfast and enjoying a drink after dark.

Essex Project

Hand-painted in one of the OG’s of Farrow & Ball’s colour palette, Studio Green, this floor-to-ceiling media unit will help bring cinematic experiences to life. With unique features and maximising every millimetre of the living space, it’s the perfect piece of furniture to fit amongst the exposed wooden beams.

Upminster Project

This unique solution brings all manner of entertainment to the open-plan space sitting beautifully underneath that gorgeous roof lantern. The centrally positioned widescreen TV allows you and your guests to enjoy your favourite shows with a glass of wine from that full-height wine cooler. The wine cooler keeps our client’s favourite wine at the optimum temperature and is perfect for making evening entertaining successful. Also featured are open shelves to display our client’s favourite decorative pieces and closed cupboards to conceal game consoles, internet hubs, remote controllers and other items you may not want to be displayed.

Hand-painted in Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball – an inky navy that creates dramatic spaces.

Orsett Project

Everything we do at The Handmade Kitchen Company is designed to suit the space perfectly. Our Orsett project is a prime example, showing how we designed cabinetry around the existing fireplace. Symmetrical in design, both sides feature open shelves for decorative accessories and books, with custom cabinets below to hide media equipment and cables.

The perfect relaxing snug!

Looking to entertain a small group or enjoy a new movie with the family, we have the ideal solutions to add to your home. Contact us today for more information on our bespoke media walls.

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