Handmade Breakfast Pantry

Originally written 2/7/20 updated 12/1/23

Our take on a handmade breakfast pantry is simply a unit that is a handy place to keep the toaster, coffee machine, microwave and everything you need to create a wonderful and delicious breakfast every day. The area is hidden away, but instantly accessible amongst the rest of the kitchen cabinets. Depending on what kitchen style you go for, they will fit in beautifully with a choice of doors available.

The pantry has been around for decades and the word comes from the Latin word “panis”, meaning “bread”. From the late middle ages, a pantry was the place to keep bread and prepare food. In the Victorian era, large houses and estates in Britain maintained separate rooms that were dedicated to food preparation. Today the modern pantry is making a huge comeback and the demand is due to both the charm and nostalgia a pantry has to offer.

For this kitchen in Hatfield Heath, it was important to add as much storage as we could in all areas of the available space. To create a double galley we designed and built a large row of cabinetry where part of it became a breakfast pantry. It soon became the perfect place for all the kitchen essentials. Open with bi-fold doors, allow it to be opened up into the space and close it when not in use.

Sat on top of the main worktops is this breakfast pantry ideal for those coffee mornings. This Barnet home is filled with a kitchen that is going to get some serious use out of it and the bespoke elements and huge island making it an absolute pleasure to be in.

To add to the storage options in this classic in-frame shaker, we created a breakfast pantry with double pockets doors which allows the client the option of having open shelving or cabinetry. The kitchen cabinets in this hub of the home in Wimbledon were designed with more of a minimalist step detail to the centre frame rather than traditional. The internals is walnut paired with gorgeous marble, featuring shelves and drawers.

An exquisite design and detail flow through this traditional shaker kitchen in Chelmsford. A handy place for the breakfast essentials has been created on the back wall with a cold shelf for the toaster and clear containers containing the cereal. The worktop also acts a prep space so toast can be made in a hurry.

A handy spot to prepare breakfast in Elsenham. A beautiful design that houses the toaster and microwave with other breakfast essentials. The bi-fold doors make a stunning feature of the traditional design.

A double breakfast pantry seen in the Stock project. One side is where the bread and cereal sit and on the other side is the coffee machine. Who wouldn’t want this in their space?! Designed with our classic shaker, and bi-fold doors and built on top of the main worktops so the quartz acts as a cold shelf.

This lovely Classic Shaker style we designed and built in Golders Green, Barnet includes the perfect breakfast pantry for the whole family. With open shelves above and a cold shelf below made of a Carrara quartz, all breakfast essentials can be stored in the ideal place to make breakfast time a breeze. The toaster and coffee machine sits on the bottom shelf, with the condiments above. The bi-fold doors can be left open when in use, and then shut away quickly to retain the calm and collected feel our client desired for their hub of the home. Toast and Nutella anyone?

This great breakfast panty we added to the Whetstone project provides the ideal space for the coffee machine and microwave. Our client wanted to create a clean and clutter-free layout, which meant no appliances on the worktops, so each of them had their own pantry. Also made with bi-fold doors that allow it to be left open when in use, and then shut away quickly to keep within the streamlined design. There is also space above and around the sides of the appliances to store mugs, cups, egg cups and a selection of teas and coffee.

A separate double pantry has been made to the other side of the kitchen in the Whetstone project around the large refrigeration unit. It provides the kitchen with lots of additional storage as well as a countertop that is revealed when the doors open up. The space has been cleverly used for the toaster and cereals. Prepare breakfast in the ultimate place each morning and close away when finished. Additional door racks are fitted to the inside of the doors to store bags of tea, coffee and biscuits.

This large open-plan kitchen designed and built for a client in Hadley Wood features the ultimate pantry cupboard. With the breakfast pantry located in the middle and the other storage areas for the morning additions, this is the perfect place to be opened up to enjoy with all the family. We can see ourselves at this coffee station!

Contact us today to add a beautiful breakfast pantry to your bespoke handmade kitchen. Storing food in the kitchen can sometimes be overlooked, so a breakfast pantry is a great addition.

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