Introducing Grey into the Kitchen with Little Greene

Grey has long been a cornerstone of historical decor, enduring through the centuries as a timeless classic. Whether in classic or contemporary settings, grey is a signature shade for sophisticated interior design. It’s such a versatile colour that pairs well with both warm and cool tones, allowing for endless possibilities in terms of colour combinations and decor choices.

Lighter shades of grey can make a space feel open and airy, while darker shades can add depth and drama. Additionally, grey paint comes in various undertones, such as blue, green, or purple, which can influence the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Little Greene’s stunning grey paint collection encompasses a spectrum of tones, ranging from the lightest, nearly white shades to deep charcoal, brown, and blue-black tones.

We’ve curated our top picks, envisioning how each one will beautifully enhance our handmade cabinetry. Explore the details of each colour and discover which one helps with your vision to create your dream kitchen or home project. Additionally, we are excited to share the Brentwood project with you, which we think you will agree is drop-dead gorgeous!

Neutral Greys

Derived from natural materials, these neutral grey paint shades, often discovered in historical properties, are crafted from mixtures of black and white pigments, with subtle nuances added by additional colours. These stony hues strike a harmonious balance between warmth and coolness under various lighting conditions.

Wood Ash

Wood Ash from Little Greene is a soft flake grey, slightly off-white.

Design notes: Pair with Serpentine or Cool Arbour for a coordinated tonal scheme. Alternatively, create a bold statement by pairing Wood Ash as a neutral backdrop with Marigold.

French Grey

The French Grey family consists of:

  • French Grey – Pale
  • French Grey – Mid
  • French Grey
  • French Grey – Dark

Often blended with a touch of blue and red to achieve a “middle tint”, this sophisticated hue, known as a “fancy” colour, was anything but inexpensive. French Grey is an original Victorian shade that stands out as one of the most sought-after colours on Little Greene’s palette. Timeless and versatile, French Grey effortlessly complements both traditional and modern interiors, making it ideal for creating serene spaces.

Design Notes: Work with accent colours like Marigold, Mister David, and Green Verditer, to add vibrancy to any space.

Dark Greys

In smaller rooms with limited natural light, incorporating dark greys can evoke a sense of intimacy and cosiness. Opt for a deep, rich grey like Vulcan for a serene and elegant ambience. This inherently strong and charismatic charcoal grey retains a touch of warmth, providing sophistication and boldness without feeling cold or austere. Vulcan strikes the perfect mid-tone balance, ensuring a welcoming and encompassing atmosphere.


Blended with touches of black, ‘livid’ blues exhibit hues ranging from pink to green. Livid from Little Greene embodies a deep, moody yet tranquil colour, sitting on the spectrum between blue, green, and grey. It’s a versatile colour that can be used throughout the home.

Design Notes: For a cohesive living space, consider pairing Livid with French Grey.


With a humble origin, the grey Scree was commonly utilised in the 19th Century by mixing leftover paint colours – an early example of paint recycling.

Design Notes: Use Scree as a backdrop, or create a striking accent by combining it with Light Peachblossom or Bone China Blue.

Cool Greys with a dash of blue

Chosen frequently for urban apartment décor, this grey paint option has adorned both classical and contemporary settings for many years, retaining its popularity. Optimal choices include Gauze or Shallows.


The Gauze family consists of:

  • Gauze
  • Gauze – Mid
  • Gauze – Dark

This lamp-white belongs to the same family as the Lead colours, albeit slightly cooler.

Design Notes: Combine it with the other shades from the Gauze colour scales family.

Urbane Grey

Urbane Grey by Little Greene offers a mid-strength, cool neutral paint colour, perfectly suited for decorating open-plan living spaces.

Design Notes: Use Urbane Grey as a focal colour accent within a predominantly white scheme.  Alternatively, pair it with a brighter shade such as Woad, for a bold yet sophisticated combination.

Warm Greys with a hint of brown or yellow

For interior schemes, warm greys with a hint of umber or natural earth tones have always been favoured. Dating back to Georgian times, the ancient practice of using white tinted with soot and ochre to create a warm neutral has endured as the preferred choice for grey interiors.

Opt for Portland Stone or its variations to achieve a warm grey scheme. These shades are crafted with a blend of diverse pigments, making them well-suited for rooms with bold accent colours. For a cooler alternative, consider Flint.


Dolphin by Little Greene is a grey paint colour, tinged with brown, and yields a warm neutral hue that complements any interior colour scheme.

Design Notes: Combine with coordinating colours such as Ashes of Roses or China Clay – Dark.

Brentwood Project

In this space, our Classic Shaker kitchen takes centre stage, adorned with bespoke details tailored to the client’s preferences for our design consultation. The cabinetry boasts a finish infused with the robust greys and understated hints of reds and oranges found within the intricate formula of Little Greene’s Dolphin 246, creating a stunning contrast against the satin brass lacquered handles and wooden elements.

Portland Stone – Pale

The Portland Stone family consists of:

  • Portland Stone – Pale
  • Portland Stone – Light
  • Portland Stone
  • Portland Stone – Dark

Portland Stone – Pale by Little Greene, is a grey-based neutral, and stands as the lightest shade in the Portland Stone colour family.

Design Notes: Combine Portland Stone – Pale with the Dark and Deep Portland Stone variations to cultivate a cohesive ambience, ideal for a tranquil bedroom.

Greys with a little green

Infusing grey with a subtle touch of green introduces a natural elegance to your space, reminiscent of stone or outdoor landscapes. These colours evoke a sense of calmness and stability, enhancing any project.

Opt for Pearl Colour as a pale accent, paired with Serpentine and Grey Moss, to create a complementary and robust highlight within the grey interior scheme.

Pearl Colour

The Pearl Colour family consists of:

  • Pearl Colour – Pale
  • Pearl Colour – Mid
  • Pearl Colour
  • Pearl Colour – Dark

This grey variant, documented by Sir William Chambers for its use on the beds of intricate late 18th-century ceilings, is an excellent choice for introducing brightness into interior spaces.

Design Notes: Pair this off-white grey paint colour with a complementary white hue for a harmonious look, opt for a dark contrasting accent to make a striking statement.


With a cool silver hue accented by a hint of green, this paint offers sophistication when paired with dark or vibrant colours. Salix is perfect for creating a tranquil ambience in an elegant bathroom/kitchen scheme.

Design Notes: Combine Salix with whites such as Flint and Whitening for a light and bright colour palette.

Greys with a hint of pink

Opting for a grey paint with a hint of rose introduces a subtle delicacy to a room, imparting a warming and pleasant ambience without overwhelming the space. Consider Rubine Ashes or Dash of Soot, particularly if your accessories feature strong red components, as this will promote harmony and cohesion within the scheme.

Rubine Ashes

Following the fire, Rubine leaves grey ash with a subtle mauve or pink undertone. Rubine Ashes complement related whites like Down and China Clay.

Design Notes: To create a bolder contrast pair Rubine Ashes with Ashes of Roses or Masquerade.


Derived from the amalgam of silver and mercury, the mineral arquerite inspires this warm grey shade.

Design Notes: Complement Arquerite with similar materials in the home such as silver, chrome and steel for a seamless look.

View more in the Grey Little Greene collection on their website.

Looking to add a grey hue to your handmade kitchen? Contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. There are plenty of different greys to get excited about from Little Greene.

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