Introducing a Blue Hue in the Kitchen from Farrow & Ball

The “Blue” collection from Farrow & Ball consists of mid, pale and dark hues. We hand-paint our handmade kitchens on-site and use one of our favourite paint companies “Farrow & Ball”.

Farrow & Ball has a history dating back to 1946 when rich colours were produced using only the finest ingredients. They are a worldwide company with a global network of stockists and have produced an array of blue hues,  perfect for a traditional or contemporary handmade kitchen.

The blue colour palette has become a modern interior design of the kitchen space. Blue represents the sky and the sea, but also space and infinity. Blue is the most versatile of all colour groups, as it naturally offers security, longevity, depth and calmness, making it the perfect choice for a traditional kitchen.

You can soften things up with a duck egg blue, or make a statement with a striking midnight blue.

Some of the popular colours

Stiffkey Blue

Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball is an inky navy named after the Norfolk beach where the mud and cockles share a particular deep navy hue. This colour creates a richly dramatic space with a more contemporary finish. In well-lit areas of the home, it will appear much bluer, perfect for a kitchen and contrasted with Ammonite.

Hatfield Heath Project

This peaceful and calming kitchen space is fantastic in that it oozes a zen appeal and becomes the most favoured room in the home. Stiffkey Blue never disappoints and we hand-painted this onto the base cabinets, island, cosy seating nook and tall dressers. A rich, dramatic space has been created with a traditional feel.


Potters Bar Project

Below is our classic shaker in Potters Bar. Our client wanted to paint their cabinetry in Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball to meet the surrounding areas where the property is located. The wooden elements in this kitchen contrast against the deep navy hue creating a contemporary finish in this large open-plan space.

Upminster Project

This relaxing atmosphere is created with the popular Stiffkey Blue. Our client opted to improve their home and add value to the property rather than move. They extended the back of the property making a beautiful open-plan space that connects with the outdoors.

Hague Blue

Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball is a deep dark blue where it takes its name from the very coloured woodwork much used by the Dutch, and still works wonderfully with Borrowed Light and as a feature. The green undertones of this dark, timeless and dramatic blue work great in small rooms too.

Standon Project

A modern shaker kitchen meets a traditional art home in Standon, Herts. This particular shaker was chosen for this expansive space and has ‘butt’ hinges to give it a nice traditional touch to an otherwise modern take on the shaker style. This space consists of TWO islands and we hand-painted the cabinet in Hague Blue by F&B for that statement look.

Cook’s Blue

Cook’s Blue from Farrow & Ball is a vibrant blue inspired by the rich and poignant finish in the cook’s closet at Calke Abbey where the walls had been untouched for many decades. This bright and deeply pigmented colour is perfect for kitchen spaces and fits right in with our traditional shaker styles.

Clavering, Essex Project

To create a delicate charm that represented the clear skies on a summer’s day, two blues from Farrow & Ball were chosen. The vibrant blue known as Cooks Blue was hand-painted onto the island.

Borrowed Light

Borrowed Light from Farrow & Ball is a pale and illuminating blue. This beautiful soft colour evokes the colour of summer skies and is a wonderfully pale blue named after the delicate light that cascades through small windows and fanlights. It works particularly well in a room deprived of light as it does in an airy sunroom.

Clavering, Essex Project

Illuminating the ‘Cook’s Blue’ island is Borrowed Light hand-painted onto the main cabinetry of the kitchen. Both blues are the perfect colour palette for our client and we adore it.

Oval Room Blue

Oval Room Blue from Farrow & Ball is a darkened historic blue. It is the most blackened blue in the colour scheme, giving it a subtly aged feel. Its name comes from attractively shaped rooms of the late 18th century and sits perfectly with the popular greys to create depth and balance.

Stone Blue

Stone Blue from Farrow & Ball is a lively blue that is warm and timeless and named after the indigo pigment which was often imported in lumps in the 18th century. To create an inviting vintage look pair with warmer tones such as Pelt, or for a cleaner, more contemporary feel choose Mole’s Breath.


Skylight from Farrow & Ball is a pale and traditional blue taken from the soft natural light that often pours through ceiling skylights. In small spaces, it reads as a definite cool blue and becomes paler and greyer when used in larger areas.

Inchyra Blue

Inchyra Blue from Farrow & Ball is a dark blue-grey, that is aged and inspired by the naturally dramatic Scottish skies that act as a backdrop for the classic Georgian Inchyra House. It is described as a magic colour due to the moody hue that can read more grey, blue or even green depending on the light. Combine with Black Blue or Vardo.

View more in the Farrow & Ball – Blue Collection on their website.

We love a blue hue at The Handmade Kitchen Company, especially from a respectable paint company such as Farrow & Ball. Contact us today for more information and choose the blue you have always dreamed of- we look forward to hearing from you.

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