Introducing Neutrals in the Kitchen from Farrow & Ball

Neutral colour schemes in the kitchen area have dominated the colour palette for a while now keeping up with fashion trends and lasting a long time. There are many advantages to a neutral colour scheme, one being that, is it can be adapted to any style from traditional to country, to modern.

Neutrals create a great blank canvas to add a pop of colour and give your features a chance to shine through. Scandinavians have had this design style for centuries and us Brits love a blank canvas to work with. If you look through some of our projects below you will see how the neutral colour scheme allows the accents and features to tell a story through the kitchen design.

Farrow & Ball have been designing and making paint for over 70 years, using only the finest ingredients available and colours that transform modern and traditional homes, large and small. The company name comes from the surnames of two local pioneers known as John Farrow and Richard Ball. They met in a local clay pit and shared their passion for making rich colours.

At The Handmade Kitchen Company, we are proud to hand paint our handmade kitchens in Farrow & Ball, especially with a neutral hue where our clients can add pops of colour to their design scheme alongside a blank canvas.

Some of the popular colours

Cornforth White

Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball is an understated grey and is a mid-tone within the Easy Neutrals colour palette. This colour in particular is totally understated and extremely versatile. Cornforth White is neither too warm nor too cool. It was named in memory of John Cornforth, the revered architectural historian.

Maidenhead Project

Winchmore Hill Project


Blackened from Farrow & Ball is a cool white, with the slightest hint of grey. It sits perfectly with the other Architectural neutrals within the colour palette for a minimal look or a stronger industrial feel. It looks spectacular within stainless steel kitchens or paired with the colour All White for an uncompromisingly modern finish.

Chelmsford, Essex Project

Upminster Project

All White

All White from Farrow & Ball is a totally pure white and exactly what it says. It contains no other pigment than white, creating the softest most sympathetic colour without the colder blue undertones of a brilliant white. It is one of Farrow & Ball’s contemporary neutrals, that pairs seamlessly with Skimming Stone and Strong White creating a warm scheme with a slight edge. Pair with strong tones like Pitch Black and St Giles Blue for a clean and fresh contrast.

Shaded White

Shaded White from Farrow & Ball is a light grey beige that is neither too warm nor too cool. This neutral hue takes its name from the soft tone created when many of the whites are used in deep shade. Shaded White has a gentle greyness making it extremely versatile within homes both old and new. It is often used alongside lighter shades such as Pointing or Slipper Satin for a restful space or paired with Drop Cloth for a wonderfully relaxed feel.

Little Canfield Project

Purbeck Stone

Purbeck Stone from Farrow & Ball is an understated grey, clean and resembles the colour of stone found on the Isle of Purbeck, not far from Farrow & Ball’s home in Dorset. It’s one of the stronger colours in the neutral collection and can create a calming scheme with Cornforth White, Wevet and Ammonite in homes both old and new.

Barnet Project

London Stone

London Stone from Farrow & Ball is a warm and timeless brown created by John Sutcliffe for a classic Nash house in Regent’s Park. Featuring underlying magenta tones, this unassuming stone colour is the perfect accent for each of F&B’s Red Based Neutrals. This brown hue feels effortlessly modern when contrasted with Dimity, and utterly timeless when paired with a stronger hue like Oxford Stone.

Wanstead, London Project

Slipper Satin

Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball is a chalky off-white taking its name from the delicate colour of silk used in traditional ballet slippers. It often reads as pale grey chalk without the cool blue undertones, which pairs perfectly with other shades from the neutral collection for a subtle and sophisticated scheme.

Stock, Essex Project

Strong White

Strong White by Farrow & Ball is a grey-based white producing a subtle urban feel from its light grey undertones. This colour adds a contemporary twist to period homes while staying in keeping with modern properties. Pair with Skimming Stone, Elephant’s Breath and All White in any combination for an effortlessly cohesive scheme.

Islington, London Project

Stony Ground

Stony Ground by Farrow & Ball is a strong neutral and popular colour. This classic stone colour has a slight underlying red adding warmth and creating a soft beige finish. It pairs incredibly well with the lighter Shaded white or stronger Mouse’s Back for a quiet cohesive scheme.

Stebbing, Essex Project

Elephant’s Breath

Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball is a warm mid-grey, renowned for its characterful paint name, created by John Fowler, the notable English interior designer. This uplifting mid-grey has a hint of magenta and can become almost lilac in the cooler light of west-facing rooms. To create an invitingly earthy scheme with more intense accents pair with Charleston Gray and London Clay, or create a scheme of neutrality and calm with other contemporary neutrals such as Strong White.

Chelmsford, Essex Project


Pointing by Farrow & Ball is a warm and delicate white that is fresh and uncomplicated, taking its name after the colour of lime pointing used in traditional brickwork. The warm undertone that creates Pointing creates the prettiest of spaces and always softens the feel of a room alongside strong, traditional colours.

Cuffley, Herts Project

Dove Tale

Dove Tale by Farrow & Ball is a warm grey with a lilac undertone and is perfect for those hoping for a warm grey finish. A soft and inviting feel is brought to the space with this hue and when paired with Skimming Stone the most flattering and subtle scheme is created.

Bishop’s Stortford Project


Dimpse by Farrow & Ball is a cool and delicate grey named after the quaint West Country dialect for the colour of twilight and is one of the cooler Architectural Neutrals. Its subtle blue undertones work particularly well in modern architectural spaces.

Standon, Herts Project


Wevet from Farrow & Ball is a delicate white with a hint of grey and shares its name with the old Dorset term for a spider’s web. Wevet is clean understated and incredibly easy to live with. With its hint of grey, this hushed tone can be used for a neutral contemporary living space.

Hatfield Heath Project


View more in the Farrow & Ball – Neutral Collection on their website.

We love a neutral hue at The Handmade Kitchen Company, especially from a respectable paint company such as Farrow & Ball. We hope our projects have given you some inspiration. Contact us today for more information and choose the neutral colour you have always dreamed of- we look forward to hearing from you.

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