Ideas that Inspire you to Create your Dream Kitchen

One of the most hardworking spaces in the home is the kitchen, it should be just as beautiful as it is functional. In most properties, it is the heart of the home where the family come together and share lots of wonderful memories. We spend most of our days and time in this space, so creating smart storage ideas is key in helping to maintain a clutter-free look.

Since we have spent so much time in our homes over the last year and a half, we have grown to realise how vital it is to create a well-designed room such as the kitchen. The space has to serve multiple uses and work efficiently to suit your lifestyle.

Planning the storage

Whatever the size of the kitchen big or small, carefully plan the storage to a successful design. Draw up a list of elements that may be required in the future. Are you thinking of growing your family, so you need double the food storage, double the ovens and a large pantry? Or with social behaviours changing throughout life, you might opt for a larger island or separate seating area.

Understand the kitchen layout and use every inch of space efficiently without overcrowding it. The ‘kitchen triangle’ is one of the most known layout principles, where the cooking area, cold storage zone and wash area meet at the three points. Whether the layout is L-shape, galley-style or U-shape, the positioning of the storage will determine how well it flows and functions.

With a large open-plan space, pull the room together with multiple zones so each area has a function.

Creating multi-functional family spaces

Turn the chaotic family kitchen into organised homely hubs with our knowledge and expertise. When it comes to designing the space, work out what’s important to you. Do you cook together? Work from home? Having a simple design such as appliance clearance, organised food units such as pantries and grand distance between the work areas will ensure there’s plenty of room to manoeuvre. How about adding integrated towel rails and serving trays on the island and adding deep drawers with bespoke inlays for a smooth cooking experience.

To add something to the kitchen that is perfect for family living is the breakfast pantry. Complete your entire morning from one of these pantries – make a delicious coffee, create crispy toast, have a vast selection of cereal options for the kids and have ample storage for everyday crockery. It’s even better when you can close the doors behind you to hide away the mess and clutter.

Perfect for the cook

To design a successful space to cook, the kitchen needs to include a well-organised environment and the perfect layout to work efficiently. If you listen to some Michelin-star chefs they say “Cooking isn’t just a job, they relax with it too, they like to have a well-planned kitchen to take the stress out of the preparation”. The perfect layout includes a bank of appliances, an island for entertaining and a well-stocked pantry.

Kitchen storage – The Pantry

You can never complain about too much storage, there are many styles available from walk-in pantries, to slim pull-out larders, they all fit seamlessly into any size kitchen. Pantries can bring order to the busiest of environments. Not only are our bespoke pantry options impressive to look at, but the inside can be equally remarkable too. Choose from a range of bespoke options like drawers, door racks for spices and shelves at different heights to store different sized glass jars.

Multi-functional Island

You can make the island as multi-functional as you like with storage, seating, or evening housing different appliances. It doesn’t matter what size the kitchen island is, they can all be configured around your needs and desires. The flexible storage solutions can include, bookshelves, wine coolers, plate racks, bespoke chopping boards and serving trays, dishwashers, bins, deep drawers and so much more. Sinks and hobs can also be installed into the top keeping you involved and in the conversation with the family when entertaining.

There are so many activities that can be done from the kitchen island including, cooking, eating, working, learning and playing. When it comes to the design think about internal and exterior the same amount – the kitchen design can determine the shape of your island. Add a bespoke pedestal on the end, an integrated bench or consider extra knee room for kitchen stools.

Islands are normally considered as the focal point of the kitchen, so the materials and finishes should reflect the rest of the kitchen’s quality and style. Choose quartz or granite for the worktop as they are both highly durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. There are so many choices when it comes to a stone worktop, so you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

Storage space within the chimney

Storage within the chimney is like a hidden gem, it means that dead space is utilized perfectly with either bespoke shelves or a cupboard that has a door front for a seamless look. You can store herbs, salt and pepper grinders or your collection of cooking oils.

The beauty of it being bespoke

The beauty of bespoke is that you can use all your imagination to create and design storage that suits your personality as well as your lifestyle. Do you love cooking? Why not opt for a bespoke drawer inlay to store your favourite knives or a double pull-out drawer for easy access to those heavy pots and pans. Is a streamlined design more you? Choose from a range of internal bin configurations that fit perfectly concealed in your island or cabinetry. Separate the recycling correctly with clever thought out bins and avoid taking up valuable floor space.

Inject your personality throughout

Injecting warmth and character in interiors have been on trend for the last couple of years. Where we have spent more time in our homes for the past year and a half, we have had the time to access what we want from our spaces and how we can undertake a project that could potentially improve our day-to-day lives. Our bespoke designs are designed to your exact specifications and practical needs and the personal finishing touches are from you.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke handmade kitchens contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.




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