Handmade Galley-Style Kitchens

Ships are known for their galley layouts and this is where this kitchen style comes from. With their long and narrow runs and plenty of storage and worktop space, this particular layout is the most efficient of them all when it comes to cooking in the hub of the home. Professional chefs prefer this design too because it enhances safety and efficiency during cooking. It can consist of a single or double run of units on either side and a corridor down the middle, making them ideal for small kitchens. If you have the space an island can also be incorporated into the kitchen design to replace a run and become part of the kitchen’s functionality. An island in the middle can also generate a divider in an open-plan space separating the kitchen from the dining and living areas.

There are two layout preferences when it comes to galley-style kitchens.


Symmetrical means the length of two runs and the arrangement of units on each side mirror one another as much as possible or as much as you want it to.



Asymmetrical allows you to use various approaches. You can focus on tall cabinets or a bank of appliances on one side of the room, with base and wall units on the other. Alternatively, you can go with a mix of tall and wall units one side, with a single run of base units on the other, ideal for an open-plan space.

Incorporate the ‘kitchen triangle’ into the layout where the fridge, cooker and sink are at three separate points, allowing you to move around quickly and efficiently just like a professional chef.

A great lighting scheme is also beneficial to this type of layout. Use natural light to open up the room, layer lights for illumination and use task lighting to emphasise certain parts of the kitchen.

Some of our galley-style kitchens

Woodford Green – Classic Shaker

In our Woodford Green project, we breathed new life into the kitchen which we originally fitted in 2016 for the previous owner. The new owners built a huge extension on the back of the property and we changed the layout to fit the new space. It features a single run with an island in the middle to provide another run in the grand open-plan space.

Hutton – Classic Shaker

This beautiful in-frame classic shaker we designed for a property in Hutton has industrial in mind and world award-winning appliances. It features a single run galley layout with an island in the middle offering seating and extra worktops and storage. The main run consists of two points of the ‘kitchen triangle’, with the other point housed into the island.

Cuffley – Traditional Shaker

There is nothing more divine than this Traditional Shaker in Cuffley. With raised and fielded panels on the doors and drawers, a luxury feel has been made in this hub of the home. It features a single run galley layout with an island in the middle acting as a divider between the living and dining areas. There is certainly enough seating in this kitchen for a great entertaining evening with family and friends.

Winchmore Hill – Traditional Shaker

A beautiful double run galley kitchen in a gorgeous property in Winchmore Hill. It consists of an asymmetrical approach allowing us to fit in some professional appliances. There was so much space in this hub of the home so we designed and built a clever layout of furniture with a large central island in the middle providing our client with another worktop area and extra storage. It has been hand-painted in a two-tone colour scheme with the island in a darker hue providing a statement in the open-plan space.

Potters Bar – Traditional Shaker

We created a single run galley layout in this wonderful kitchen space in Potters Bar. An island sits in front with an area for the sink and seating for guests to sit while our client cooks up a storm. Also hand-painted in a two-tone colour scheme and completed with a stunning chandelier.

Billericay – Modern Shaker

This single galley style kitchen fits amongst a large open-plan space in Billericay. A delightful island acts as a divider between the main kitchen and living/dining areas and provides our client with extra worktop space and storage. A seamless and integrated finish was created in this hub of the home with the Magnolia paint, which has been completed with brass hardware.

London SW12 – Modern Shaker

An asymmetrical galley layout has been designed in this kitchen space that provides the family with a multi-functional hub of the home. The open-plan space in this property in London is not only a kitchen but has been utilised as a dining room, garden room, play room and office!

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