Cafécore Design: Bringing the Café Aesthetic to your Home

Each year some interior trends stay, some go and new ones come forward to work in the modern home. The Cafécore design is inspired by modern spaces filled with warmth, comfort and a sense of community. Think of your favourite coffee shop, and how cosy and inviting the atmosphere is. It’s not just about coffee machines and cafe-style chalkboard ideas, the Cafécore Design is so much more than just a visual aesthetic.

This lifestyle design creates a space that feels both relaxing and stimulating – a perfect blend of socialising, working or simply unwinding. How can we embrace this design in our home? Let us take you on a journey to kickstart your day with freshly brewed coffee in the comfort of your handmade bespoke kitchen.

Colchester, Essex Project

What is Cafécore Design?

Cafécore design is intentionally designing your space into a café-inspired style with functionality in mind. Bring a welcoming atmosphere to your hub of the home with comfortable seating, warm lighting, eclectic decor, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee you experience in your favourite café.

It isn’t entirely new in interior design as the trend of comfort and warmth has been around for years, but what sets this apart is how it embodies a lifestyle. You can savour a barista-quality cup of coffee in your kitchen! Who wouldn’t want to experience that in the comfort of their own home?

It’s about designing a space to enjoy one of life’s simple yet finest pleasures.

Stebbing, Essex Project

How to Incorporate it Around the Home


Add a coffee nook to the space with open shelving to display your coffee mugs and supplies. Add bar stools for morning coffee or late-night chats.

Living Room

Create a cosy seating spot, with plenty of seating options, pillows and throws. Adding a coffee table with magazines and candles is another way of incorporating the café ambience.

Home Office

A comfortable reading chair, side table and warm lighting are the perfect antidote to a relaxing yet productive workspace.


Make your bedroom a beautiful sanctuary with soft lighting, a cosy reading corner, plenty of natural light and pretty materials. Take inspiration from a recent visit to a hotel and add a small coffee station in the corner.

Stock, Essex Project

Coffee & Tea Stations

Establishing your favourite coffee shop in your home may not be feasible, but how about a dedicated coffee bar? This is the perfect alternative to create your morning brew. Due to our furniture being completely bespoke, we can utilise the entire space with our coffee and tea stations. Bringing endless storage solutions to the kitchen this beautiful feature can be brought into family life in the mornings.

Whether the coffee bar is designed on top of the kitchen worktop or a completely separate unit, there are suitable options for any sized home. Additionally, you don’t need to invest in an expensive espresso machine, there are plenty of alternatives on the market that can recreate the same effect.

How it looks is completely up to you, many of our designs are built with shelves where mugs and plate ware can be stored and coffee and tea bags are decanted into clear glass jars. Why not add a personal touch with picture frames and plants? A small chalkboard can add a fun and café-like touch.

London Project

Comfortable Seating

Comfy seating to savour your favourite coffee is found in every coffee shop. The comfort, style and practicality of this seating is one of the main elements of a cafécore space. Formal dining areas are still functional for this type of design, but how about considering additional eating areas such as barstools along an island, a banquette or even a small bistro set on the beautiful paved slabs found outside in the garden? These types of seating escape you to the atmosphere of a lovely little café.

As we search for the right seating style to fit, metal or steel chairs are all symbolic materials of cafés for their durability and ease of use. However, at home, we want to prioritise comfort with extra cushioning and these still can blend with the commercial aesthetics, just with a more homely comfort.

Islington, London Project

Commercial Kitchen-Inspired Tapware

What you find in a café is commercial-inspired elements and the cafécore design is all about bringing these into the home. Infuse this commercial allure with subtle touches of stainless steel appliances, sinks, and tapware, combining it with exposed bricks, wooden boards, or linen towels.

For a softer aesthetic, opt for brushed nickel as it offers a warmer tone and matte black continues the ‘chalkboard’ effect, creating a unique focal point amongst the organic textures.

The Quooker tap is a favourite element in most kitchen projects and is famous worldwide. Due to their quality and instant boiling water, this tap is a product we have trusted and recommended for years. Many finishes are available to match the cafécore trend and we continue to incorporate them into our kitchen designs.

Hutton, Brentwood Project

Exposed Storage

Defining the cafécore style and capturing a cosy and inviting ambience is exposed storage. A practical yet stylish feature that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating an organised and visually interesting space.

Curate your display with items that you use frequently and are visually pleasing. Items with different textures and colours create a dynamic look and for instance, combine ceramic dishes with wooden bowls and glass jars.

Hadley Wood Project

Cafe-Inspired Tiling

Adding café-inspired tiling is a delightful way of welcoming your favourite coffee shop into your home. Checkerboard tiling is an iconic element found in a café and adds nostalgic character to your space. Subway tiles create a timeless look and are a staple in many coffee shops and textured and patterned tiles can evoke an artisanal vibe.

Chelmsford Project

The cafécore design is all about bringing the comfort and charm of a cosy coffee shop into your home. This design taps into warm colours, comfortable seating, ambient lighting and personal touches, where they all meet to create a space that feels both inviting and inspiring. Enhance your daily life with the cafécore design and transform your home into a cosy haven everyone will love. Contact us today for more information on our handmade furniture and kitchen designs – we look forward to hearing from you.

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