Bespoke Spice Drawers and Spice Racks by Handmade Kitchen Co

Spice up your life with a bespoke spice drawer or spice rack in your new handmade kitchen!

When thinking about your dream kitchen, the space and organisation for the smaller items may be forgotten, but essential if the kitchen is to be used for some serious cooking and baking. For those reasons alone, we suggest adding bespoke spice drawers or spice racks into the kitchen design that will hold jars of spices and bottles of olive oil, condiments and vinegar.

The kitchen is one of the most hardworking spaces in the home and it should be just as beautiful as it is functional. Creating smart storage ideas is key to maintaining a clutter-free look. This time of year most homeowners declutter and we believe integrated storage solutions such as spice drawers and racks are the way forward to keep clutter away from the worktops.

In this blog, we will explain each of our designs in more detail and how they have become useful in our projects.

Located amongst the island in the High Wych project, a pull-out spice drawer sits proud offering space for the essentials.

Pull-out Spice Drawer

Our bespoke pull-out spice drawers can be neatly positioned on either side of a range cooker, a sink, a set of drawers or used singularly. They have a flexible design to be used for spice jars with multiple shelf levels, a two-shelf layout for larger condiments or even rails for tea towels.

The option of pull-out spice drawers instead of racks on the back of the doors ensures there isn’t any internal space lost in the cupboards. It also allows you to have easy access, near where you need to use the contents.

Another great idea is to have the spice jars located within the faux mantle/chimney breast.

Elsenham Project

Part of the kitchen layout and on either side of the range cooker is where we find pull-out spice drawers in the Elsenham project. Three perfect slim shelves, one on top of the other and ideal for each spice and herb.

Hadley Wood Project

The main run of the kitchen in the Hadley Wood project is made up of the cooking area. The Wolf hob sits in the middle with a drawer pack underneath and pull-out spice drawers on either side. It helps our clients create those delicious meals on those busy evenings when the kids have football practice.

Spice Racks Built On The Doors Of Cupboards

Our bespoke spice racks can be neatly positioned inside a cupboard door that sits on the main run or in a separate pantry unit. The design is flexible allowing it to have multiple shelves for all the kitchen essentials with a choice of Oak, Walnut or Pine for the interior.

Our clients love our bespoke spice racks which can be tailored to your specific needs. What would you store in yours?

London Project

In this beautiful handleless project in London, we designed and built racks on two of the cupboard doors to hold our client’s favourite spices, vitamins and bottles. The shelves are designed evenly with plenty of room to hold absolutely everything.

Upminster Project

Adding to this modern classic shaker kitchen is this large day pantry where we find our bespoke spice racks. Just a three-shelf one but plenty big enough for all our client’s favourites.

Battersea Project

At the client’s request for a day pantry, we designed bespoke spice shelves on the back of the door of this floor-to-ceiling unit. It keeps everything in one place, makes everything easier when preparing the dinner and you can get organised for the busy year ahead.

Chelmsford Project

Maximising all of the storage at the Chelmsford project, we created a breakfast/day pantry to achieve an overall clutter-free aesthetic. For a practical family-living kitchen, the worksurfaces ideally need to be kept as clear as possible for food preparation and effective cleaning. The practical necessities are better kept hidden away in functional cupboards which is why we designed the spice racks on to the back of these doors.

Broxbourne Project

A cute little cabinet sits on the worktop, near the cooking area and has a space to hold spices, salt, pepper and stock cubes!

Clayhall Project

Within this royal blue kitchen design, we created a day pantry filled with shelves, a cold shelf and our bespoke spice racks on the back of the doors.

Stock Project

Storage within the chimney is like a hidden gem, the dead space is utilized perfectly with either bespoke shelves or a cupboard that has a front door for a seamless look. Fill it with herbs, spices, salt and pepper grinders or your collection of cooking oils.

We built our client in Stock a huge mantle where there was space for cupboards on the inside of the walls. This was the place where our client was going to store their herbs, spices and cooking oils so it became easy to grab when cooking.

The beauty of bespoke furniture is that you can use all your imagination to create and design storage that suits your personality as well as your lifestyle. If you would like to know more about storage solutions for spices and condiments contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.


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