Our Take on Creating a Summer Kitchen

Our Take on Creating a Summer Kitchen

Summer is here in the UK and it might not be what we were expecting due to COVID-19 but it doesn’t mean we cannot create a handmade kitchen that is perfect for all year round, especially for those longer days and warmer evenings.

When gathering with your family and friends in the home, the kitchen is always the starting and ending point. It always brings a conversation together and starts the night on a high note.

We look at some tips on creating a Summer kitchen in your home where it is sociable and welcoming to all who enters and which you will love for many years to come.

Our client and with the help of us and their interior designer has created an exciting space in this beautiful property in Hadley Wood below. Many skylights fill the high ceilings and traditional fold back doors complete two sides of the room. These gorgeous options enable natural light to shine through all day long, as well as bringing the outdoors in.

Summer days in the UK are long-awaited and us Brits look forward to this time of year. A kitchen island is perfect to socialise around, pour a glass of bubbly and entertain whilst cooking.

The island is on many kitchen wish lists as they are full of multi-functional features and act as a divider between the different zones in an open-plan space. They also bring the whole kitchen together and can be hand-painted in another colour for a bold statement. We have built and designed many in our projects across the country.

With the very large open-plan space below in Upminster, our client had enough room for a central island in amongst the L-shaped layout. The island acts a great divider between each area of the room and the Scandinavian style is completed with our Classic Shaker. The whole wall at the back of the house has been designed with lots of skylights and large windows and doors to make sure our client gets every breath of fresh air from their spectacular outdoor sanctuary.

When looking out from the kitchen you want great views of the surrounding areas and your wonderful garden space.

Our client below in Woodford Green has created just that in their brand new extension. We enjoyed breathing new life into this kitchen which was originally fitted a few years back for the previous owner. The space is filled with large sliding doors that transform the room into a magnificent summer kitchen, where dinner parties can glide through to the outdoors and the bright sun can shine through.

Another important factor in making a delightful summer kitchen is the layout. The ‘kitchen triangle’ is great for making it easy to move around the kitchen with the three main points close together – the sink, fridge and hob.

This large open-plan space we designed and built for our client in Winchmore Hill consists of a double galley layout with a grand island sat in the centre. The perfect ‘kitchen triangle’ has been added with the three main areas close together, including appliances from Wolf and Perrin & Rowe. The kitchen has been completed with our stunning traditional shaker style with raised and fielded panels on the door and the drawers are flat fronted, which is a beautiful combination.

This is another great example of a summer kitchen in Billericay. A modern style with additional traditional features such as polished brass fixtures and fittings and Magnolia in colour. Large glass sliding doors open up the space out into the garden that’s perfect on these hot summer days. Our client’s garden even boasts a hot tub!

If you are looking to transform your hub of the home into the perfect Summer space, contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.

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