Luxury Kitchens Essex

Luxury Kitchens Essex

A luxury kitchen can transform your home and lifestyle. Whether you prefer traditional, modern or period kitchens; each one can be made to a high quality standard which boasts sophistication and luxury.

Your kitchen is one of the most high traffic rooms within your home, it is not only used for all meals of the day; it can also used for social events and family time. It can be used for parties, meetings, discussions and creative projects etc. Whatever you use your kitchen for, it should be a place of comfort and style. A place that highlights your personality and makes you proud to show it off. Here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we can help you achieve your luxury kitchen. With a range of cabinets, appliances, lighting, flooring, utilities, islands and colour choices; we can craft, install, paint and fit your your luxury kitchen.

What’s The Difference Between A Luxury Kitchen and Standard Kitchen?

Many people wonder what a luxury kitchen requires and what features they have. Firstly, a luxury kitchen is made from the best quality materials and appliances on the market. Kitchen furniture and devices are of premium standard and are the cutting edge of technical innovation. There are some must have items which are ideal to include in a luxury kitchen to make it lavish and minimalistic.

Frameless and Handleless Cabinets and Drawers

Luxury kitchens can feature frameless and handleless cabinets and drawers. This option allows you to keep your kitchen looking minimalistic, sleek and stylish; it is also very practical. Frameless and handleless kitchens offer you a lot more space and cabinet volume. They are also visually pleasing as you are able to hide appliances and there are no unsightly handles poking out.

Hand Painted Cabinets

Hand painted cabinets are becoming increasingly popular and is considered a luxury accompaniment to your kitchen. Hand painted cabinets are done with extreme care and skill. Therefore, they look more smooth and even than a factory painted finish. Although it may look quite simple to do it yourself, painting requires skill and should only be attempted by someone who knows exactly what they’re are doing. Having your cabinets hand painted by a professional ensures every nook and cranny is taken care of so you receive a lovely, even finish. Beautifully painted cabinets are a must have for a luxury kitchen.


Lighting can make all the difference to your kitchen and has a lot more affect on your mood than you realise. A luxury kitchen should have more than one light with the option of different brightnesses. It is a good idea to layer the light in your luxury kitchen so you can choose which one is best for you; rather than being stuck with one light at the same brightness constantly. Task lighting is a popular choice for luxury kitchens and they are great for worktops. They give you just the right amount of light to cook and prepare food. Many luxury kitchens now have LED lighting, these are not only attractive but also very energy saving. Where you position your lights can also help to create the illusion of space. Cleverly positioned spotlights can make the room appear larger and spacious.


Luxury kitchens generally have stone or tiled flooring. Stone floors are beautiful and hard wearing, although they can be quite porous. Tiles are the most popular choice of kitchen flooring, they are available in a huge range of different colours, shades and patterns. Tile floors are waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean. Choosing the right colours and patterns can make your kitchen look bright and luxurious. Those on a budget can choose linoleum which also comes in a wide range of colours and patterns and looks just as expensive as tiles but is not as hardwearing.

Appliances and Utilities

Boiling Water Taps

Many people are now opting for a boiling water tap as part of their luxury kitchen. Boiling water taps are very convenient and time saving; they allow you to make a cup of tea or coffee straight from the tap. You can also steam food or make a hot snack in seconds, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. For those that have hectic days, waiting 3 minutes for a kettle can seem like a long time; boiling water taps help to save precious time so they can go about their day.


Larders are a stunning and practical addition to a luxury kitchen. They are available as single or double doored and are a great storage option for dried food. They feature bottle and spice racks and the back of the doors which is a great space saver. Larders are aesthetically pleasing and are handy to keep dried goods in one place, rather than opening multiple cupboard doors.

Cookers and Fridges

Luxury comes in the form of high-end quality cookers with brands such as Wolf. The Wolf brand has quality, high functioning cookers which are made with premium grade materials and innovative design. Built to last and withstand heavy cooking, they are perfect for a luxury kitchen.

Many luxury kitchens have quality refrigeration with brands such as Sub-Zero. Products from Sub-Zero are of much higher quality than standard fridges. They are made with better materials and are the result of innovative engineering. They preserve food a lot longer than the average refrigerator and are built to last many years.

A luxury kitchen boasts personality and sophistication. It is full of quality and built to last, giving you freedom, expression and a lifetime of memories.

If you would like to know more about luxury kitchens or would like to see some examples of our luxury kitchens then please don’t hesitate to contact us and visit our showroom here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex.

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Design & Installation

To design our bespoke kitchens and furniture we discuss with our clients their needs and ideas, consider the overall style of the house and space available, and a design is produced that is both functional and beautiful. We use all the latest design and storage ideas and all the latest hardware including the latest soft close drawer runners and mechanisms.


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