Invite Social Moments in your Kitchen with a Kaelo

At The Handmade Kitchen Company, we love working with British-made products and incorporating them into our British-handmade kitchens for you all to enjoy. Here is the Kaelo Wine Cooler – the perfect addition if you are a fan of hosting.

Inspired by a warm beer in a Brighton pub, Kevin Jabou set out to create something that kept every sip of your drink perfectly chilled without using ice, water or mess. It all started in 2007 from a garden shed in East London, taking 7 years to create over 300 prototypes before perfecting and patenting the unique technology of this beautiful and simple effective wine cooler.

The name is pronounced “Kay-lo”. A mixture of the Japanese word ‘Kaizen’ meaning “continuous improvement” and ‘halo’ from the light reflected on a bottle when inside Kaelo.

Kaelo History

Launching to the world in 2017, Kaelo was first displayed in independent kitchen showrooms and was soon being enjoyed by hundreds of families across the UK. Demand grew for this innovative design, and other markets came knocking. Kaelo is now available in the USA, Netherlands and Italy!

Between the years of 2018 and 2019, Kevin redesigned Kaelo to be more environmentally friendly with the new design using 90% fewer materials and is 60% more efficient than its original design.

After record sales in 2019, Richard Needham who used to be Chairman of Dyson joined Kaelo as chairman and built a team with experts from Dyson, Brita and Quooker. A few years later Kaelo launched their new range and won ‘Best Kitchen Innovation’ at the 2022 Designer Awards!

Our new project in Colchester is the perfect place to accept an invitation for a good time. With a Calacatta quartz with hints of gold, an induction hob from Neff and a Kaelo to keep all your beverages cold, this is exactly the perfect definition of the ultimate island. Invite friends and family over for a chilled glass of wine.

Meet Kaelo and its benefits. Say goodbye to ice buckets!

No Drips, No Mess, No Fuss!

Kaelo sits sleekly within any new or existing surface of your choice, a perfect pairing with your kitchen island or home bar. The underside is no larger than an A4 sheet of paper and requires no specialist installation. It’s simple, all that is needed is a hole and a power socket! Another great feature is, it costs as little as 2p per hour to run.

You can enjoy the whole bottle

The first glass from the bottle is always perfectly chilled, but by the last the wine is warm. The Kaelo allows every glass to taste as good as the first.

Take your favourite bottle from the fridge, pour a few glasses for you and your friends and then pop it in your Kaelo.

Serving your drinks the smart way

The Kaelo is designed by ex-Dyson engineers, creating a cold jacket around your bottle, keeping every sip at the right temperature.

Featuring a dry-serve temperature means your bottle stays completely dry, with no ice, drips, or soggy labels. Genius!

Perfect temperatures

If you open a bottle at 5 degrees, the Kaelo will keep it at 5 degrees. Open a bottle at 12 degrees the Kaelo will keep it at 12 degrees.

Are you a red wine lover? You can even enjoy your reds at their preferred temperature between 12-18 degrees from the Kaelo.

Boost the chill with an extra 3 degrees for an extra crisp glass of wine.

Ground-breaking technology

The patented cooling it is made with is adapted from hyper-efficient medical technology, meaning the chamber reaches cold temperatures in seconds, ready for a cold bottle.

Designed in London and made in the UK by craftsmen in the Cotswolds. The craftsmen who worked with Kevin to design Kaelo are at the heart of the story and got it to where it is today.

The Crown

The crown is at the top and controls everything with touch sensitivity, working anywhere on the metal. It’s PVD coated just like luxury watches, improving the durability of the Crown and creating a range of finishes to suit any interior.

The finishes you can choose from are:

  • Stainless Steel Polished
  • Stainless Steel Brushed
  • Brass Brushed
  • Gun Metal Brushed
  • Black Matt

Purchasing the Kaelo

When it comes to purchase there are two models to choose from. The standard Kaelo and the Kaelo Plus. The difference is that the ‘Plus’ features red wine mode, boost mode and gradient light effects.

There are three designs you can choose from:

  • Curved – a timeless classic. A seamless curve in a choice of finishes.
  • Flush – a flat profile is embedded into the worktop for a more discreet style.
  • Undermount – for the minimalist, this Kaelo can be entirely hidden under a cover made from the same worktop.

Something else the Kaelo features is, lighting for any mood. By tapping the Crown three times, you can choose the light to suit your mood.

Adding to this country abode in Hatfield Broad Oak, a Kaelo wine cooler is integrated into the top of the kitchen island. The stainless steel crown finishes off the design to match in with the other metallics in the handmade kitchen offering a seamless finish and a great piece of technology.

Are you looking to introduce this one-of-a-kind product to your new kitchen design? Contact us today to discuss various kitchen features such as the Kaelo, to personalise your beautiful handcrafted kitchen and have a result you will be proud of and your guests will envy.

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