Designing the Perfect Sanctuary in a Large Kitchen

If you are fortunate enough to have a large space for your kitchen, you can easily make this room the hub of the home whether it’s designed for entertaining guests or spending time together as a family. Having a vast amount of floor space can be kind of daunting, but our kitchen designers are always on hand to assist you and make the room work perfectly for you. Before you speak with a kitchen designer or visit our showroom have some ideas of your own – it allows us to get a feel for what you are actually after and how the space will be used.

Adding cabinetry will maximise the space but instead of it sitting around the edges, add extra storage units and a great centrepiece like an island as these are the core elements of the design and will provide you with a cosy and comfortable large kitchen.

The kitchen layout

When it comes to the kitchen layout think about how the room is going to be used, where the food preparation will take place and where the seating area will be. You don’t want to put the fridge/freezer at the opposite end of the room to your cooking area as this would be impractical. Prioritise the areas of the kitchen where you will spend the most time, making sure you don’t overdo it or overwhelm the space.

A large kitchen is ideal for an open-plan space creating lots of flow around the room. Incorporate an island to create different zones in your space with an area for food prep, cooking, eating and washing up. Other zones which we have seen popular in large designs are seating and drink areas. Each zone must be designed logically, so you can move at ease and not get in someone else’s way.

The furniture

You can use all furniture options in a large kitchen, for example, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, island, pantries and handmade bars. The island could incorporate seating, house appliances, or even feature multiple islands like a breakfast bar attached. The pantry could be a walk-in, freestanding or simply pantry cupboards that surround a fridge – full-height pull-out larders. Having a large room offers you so much potential to add an array of options that will work with you, your family and everyday life.

The more space you have the more opportunity there is to incorporate modern storage ideas that are both stylish and practical. Lots of kitchens may have hidden larders, spice racks cleverly designed into the cabinetry, or multiple appliance garages. What we mean by an appliance garage – is where it’s used to house the items that are needed a lot in the kitchen making them easily accessible but hidden away.

One of the most important thing when it comes to kitchen design is to ensure the items that are frequently used are easily accessible in the large kitchen.

The centrepieces

The final key to any kitchen is the centrepiece. Large kitchens have the space to accommodate a range of options from breakfast bars, islands and banquettes. Islands are the most popular, with them being on many kitchen wish lists, as well as them being a stand-alone piece of furniture for additional storage, work surfaces and dining areas.

Bespoke serving trays and chopping boards can be incorporated into the island with their very own little slot, a wine fridge can be used as part of the design and a raised breakfast bar can be added for the perfect seating area – this means many wish list items are designed into one. The island then becomes a central focal point, where guests can gather and soak up the atmosphere whilst you are cooking.

Be bold with your statement piece, it’s important that your centrepiece doesn’t get lost in the final layout, so opt for something truly unique.

The lighting styles

The lighting in a kitchen makes all the difference and not everyone considers this at the design stage. Create an even light throughout the room with a mix of pendant lights, ceiling spotlights and plinth lighting. Add pendants lights above an island to help fill the space – they look gorgeous too! Using different types of lights enables you to highlight different focal points, and create ambient lighting when entertaining your family and friends. Different textures will be added to the large space from the array of lights which adds a really nice extra dimension to the room.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke handmade kitchens contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you and designing one of our kitchens within your large space.


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