Bespoke Integrated Chopping Boards and Serving Trays

A truly bespoke handmade kitchen is not complete without added handmade features such as chopping boards and serving trays. They will complete the look and feel of your kitchen and give you added extras to that multi-functional dream space. We handcraft beautiful chopping boards and serving trays in the choice of stunning raw materials such as Oak, Walnut and Pine to be integrated into your furniture, easily accessible and hidden away when not in use.

Below we show you some examples within our projects.

Handmade Chopping Boards

Handmade chopping boards from The Handmade Kitchen Company are thick, sturdy and durable for all kinds of cutting and serving. When not in use they neatly fit into the cabinetry, providing a unique style and a handy accessory that can be put away at ease. Another reason why they are great is that they don’t take up any storage space and are useful when having a dinner party, you can serve some delicious cheese on them with some Italian salami.

They are truly bespoke to fit within your handmade kitchen and complete with a knob for easy pull-out. The choice of size is down to you and your kitchens preference with a choice of beautiful raw materials such as Oak, Walnut and Pine.

In this Scandinavian kitchen below, we designed and built in Upminster, Essex features our popular classic shaker furniture with Georgian style beading and a selection of recessed panel doors and drawers with some being flat-fronted too.

Along the main kitchen run, two bespoke chopping boards sit side-by-side perfectly made to fit offering our client an easy area to prepare on, as well as neatly fitting back in. The material chosen was walnut to look stunning amongst the Scandi feel and look of this open-plan space.

In the Cuffley project below, the island was built in the centre featuring three different sized bespoke oak chopping boards, with two being the same. They fit perfectly amongst the traditional shaker and can be pulled out at ease to go directly on top of the quartz worktops to provide a chopping surface that’s beneficial to our client as well as their kitchen.

The gorgeous Winchmore Hill project features lovely large-sized chopping boards that fit either side of a useful cleaning drawer in the island, taking up no storage room. The material chosen was solid oak to complement the chunky structure of the traditional shaker style cabinets and skirting style plinth. With the knob handle built onto the chopping board, it allows our client to lift at ease and place this large surface on top of the worktops.

Handmade Serving Trays

Handmade serving trays from The Handmade Kitchen Company are chunky, deep and sturdy for all kinds of items and uses. They fit amongst the cabinetry perfectly and provide a unique style as well as a handy accessory.

With them being truly bespoke they are made to fit with your preference and kitchen in mind and also don’t take up any storage room. They are designed with an easy pull-out handle so they can be pulled out easily and placed back when not in use, with a choice of stunning raw material such as Oak, Walnut and Pine.

Our handmade serving trays can also be engraved for that extra bespoke finish. They are available in solid oak, but also can be made to order in other materials. What engraving will you choose?

This absolute beauty we built and designed with the client and Tom Hughes London (interior designer) in Hadley Wood had enough space to add two very large serving trays to the island. Our client opted for them to be in solid oak and engraved with our name on them. The large worktop space available on top of the island will fit these wonderful serving trays where our client can serve up delicious food cooked in the outstanding Wolf appliances and take to their guests in the other room.

This walnut serving tray that fits perfectly in the corner of the Scandinavian kitchen in Upminster, is solid, deep and sturdy to carry items over to the dining area in this large open-plan space.

Opposite the handmade bar in the Bishop’s Stortford project sits a wonderful solid oak serving tray, engraved with our name on it. Sturdy and deep, perfect for carrying delicious cocktails and gins to guests in the other room. It looks great sat amongst the classic shaker cabinets in this lovely shaped island.

A close-up shot of an engraved serving tray in our Cuffley project. A solid and chunky look that goes perfect with the traditional shaker cabinets and provides our client with the ideal surface to carry items over to guests seated at either area.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke chopping boards and serving trays contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. Add something truly spectacular to your kitchen with a bespoke accessory from The Handmade Kitchen Company.

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