Why this is the Best Time to Plan your Dream Kitchen

#StayHome has been the most used hashtag in the past year due to the Coronavirus pandemic with England being forced into a national lockdown for the third time making us spend more time in our homes 24/7 with our families. Before the pandemic, many homeowners were already in the process of planning kitchen extensions or refurbishments, and as a result of Covid, it put a hold on some major home renovations.

Thorough planning is always the key to a successful project, so now the perfect opportunity is upon us to reflect on the things that work well and not so well in the existing space. Create a wish-list for your dream kitchen, not only reflecting your personal taste and style but functions perfectly for you and your family.

We as a family-run business design beautiful kitchens with a wealth of expertise that is gained through many years of practical experience in all aspects of the business we love. Dream kitchens are our specialty and you will not be disappointed appointing us to bring these dreams to reality.

The kitchen layout

When it comes to the kitchen layout, first consider what you like about your existing layout. Is the food prep area in easy reach of the fridge and sink? What don’t you like about it? Is your hob facing the other way so you have your back to guests, or can’t keep an eye on the children?

You need to also consider the size of the space available; could the room benefit from an extension? You could even reconfigure the layout of your home as that could create a better flow in the existing space.

For open-plan layouts that are built into a space that overlooks the garden, consider building in a separate boot room or utility to house noisy and bulky appliances.

The appliances

When it comes to planning a new kitchen, it’s a good time to review your existing appliances. If you are wanting to become a professional chef in your own home now may be the time to invest in a larger fridge freezer – also perfect for a growing family. Specialist appliances might be on your kitchen wish lists such as warming drawers and sous-vide equipment.

Do you like to regularly entertain? A wine cooler might be a useful addition to your kitchen area too. It will provide you with a fresh and crisp glass of wine at your fingertips.

When selecting your appliances consider economy ratings and noise output, particularly for open-plan living spaces. There are also new Wi-Fi technology-enabled appliances, which can be useful for those living hectic lives.

Iconic AGAs and the impressive Wolf range oven can be incorporated into new designs such as contemporary or traditional for day-to-day convenience.

We are proud to be premier dealers of Sub-Zero Wolf and have the largest collection in the UK at our showroom.

The worksurfaces

During lockdown and the past year, we have seen our kitchen worktops working harder than ever before from constant preparation and cleaning-up after mealtimes. Worktops such as wooden surfaces look great but aren’t always practical for a busy family as they can be prone to staining.

Choose a worktop that matches the style of your kitchen, as well as being practical for your lifestyle. A quartz or granite has many great properties to them, looking great and plenty of choices to choose from.

The seating options

When all the family are together in the kitchen is there enough seating to eat? Could you add a breakfast bar to the space? Try and design in a seating area where guests can perch, or other activities can be completed like working from home or helping the children do their homework. Other alternative seating ideas could be banquettes and dining tables.

The many storage solutions

When it comes to storage there are many factors to include, such as how many people live in the home, how much kitchen equipment you have, and how many times you like to entertain. During the lockdown, you may have lacked in freezer space or your cupboards may not be big enough to store the additional dried food items. We have many bespoke storage solutions that will be perfect for you and the family as well as your home.

Breakfast and day pantries have proven to be very popular in the home today. Not only do they provide storage for dry goods but appliances that you don’t want on show such as toasters, microwaves, and coffee machines.

A walk-in pantry offers a place to store food and leaves the main kitchen free for additional cabinets for other items.

The luxury finishes

There are many luxury finishes to add to your kitchen, from handmade bars to wine coolers by Sub-Zero, boiling water taps to appliances that are Wi-Fi enabled and colours and finishes that are endless.

The possibilities are endless when planning a bespoke kitchen, you have control over every aspect of the design, allowing you to create a space that is welcoming and perfect for family life.

Are you looking for a truly bespoke handmade kitchen and ready to take the first steps? Look no further than Handmade Kitchen Co by Nicholas Bridger. Contact us today for more info – we look forward to hearing from you.


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