Storage – Dare to Bare or Hideaway

Storage within a kitchen is one of the vital components to it and something that has to be right. While it makes the function of the room it is important to get the overall look right and the adequate cupboard and shelf space you need. All of the storage solutions we design and build come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to consider how you will use your kitchen and the look you want to achieve. There’s a few styles of storage that will make the biggest impact on the look of the room – built-in, hidden, and open.

Storage that’s built-in

When it comes to built-in or hidden storage this means that the contents within the cupboards and drawers are hidden away, preserving the clean lines of the kitchen design and reducing clutter. How about placing drawers above or below cupboards to keep related items together, such as cutlery near the crockery. You could also opt for hidden internal drawers, these work well in any sized kitchen and provide easily accessible storage without the need for separate drawers.

Where space is limited in a smaller kitchen, drawers can be situated in the plinth. It can provide additional storage and maintain the all-important clean lines of the kitchen design. Pull-out full-height larders on either side of the fridge freezer allow for the dry and cold food items to be together in one area of the kitchen making cooking a breeze on those busy days.

Certain cupboards can be designed and used for the frequently-used appliances in larger kitchens behind bi-fold doors. They can be hidden away so the worksurfaces aren’t cluttered, but ensuring they can still be easily accessed and used. A lot of our clients have opted for breakfast pantries for some of these appliances that can be opened up into the space on those busy mornings and shut away when entertaining.

It is important to remember the clean lines of the kitchen because if the lines of the cupboards and appliances don’t match up it can be hard on the eye.

Storage that’s on show

The trend for open shelving is still going strong, with thick, floating shelves adding to the style ‘industrial’, but it can mean an area to collect more dust and the need to keep it neat and tidy all of the time to keep within the clean line look. You need to think about what you would store on these shelves. Plates piled high with lots of glasses and bowls on either side can result in making the space look untidy and impractical when it comes to using any of it.

Designing where the open shelves are going to go in the kitchen is an important factor. If they are too near the cooking areas, there’s a risk that the items can get dirtied, on the other hand, if placed away from the cooking areas it can become impractical when you come to use the room.

The bold look of this storage solution won’t fit within every style of home and decor but fits perfectly in an industrial style or French chic country where dressers or plate racks are popular. This type of shelf can look stunning if done right, but carefully think about how they will be practical within your kitchen. If the idea of constant dusting and cleaning puts you off, there are three other ways in which you could achieve the look. How about including a small amount of open-shelving under counters like at the end of an island. Glass-fronted cabinets can give the look of open storage but with practical features of hidden storage. Lastly, a utensil rail to display your spatulas, colanders, and other utensils add to an industrial style, requiring less maintenance to keep looking pristine.

If you would like to know more about handmade storage in your kitchen space contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. Whether you choose to dare to bare or hideaway we have many storage solutions for your style.


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