Improving your Home with a Luxury Dressing Room by HMK

What is more satisfying than rows of shoes all lined up perfectly, clothes hung in colour order, zero mess, zero clutter, and a total dream space to get ready in? These sought-after rooms were once reserved for the Cribs-esque homes, but now they are becoming a must-have for homeowners.

Fast becoming one of the most desirable spaces within a bedroom or separate room in the home, these dressing rooms and luxurious closets are the ultimate in luxury and can be designed to suit any room size because they are completely bespoke. You can fully customise them to complement the way you dress, for example, if you have lots of long dresses, rails will be integral and if you have a love for shoes, pull-out shoe storage or open shelves can help you see and gain easy access to your favourite pieces.

Another reason to have a love for dressing rooms is that it’s a space hidden away where you can completely experiment with colours, prints and ideas that you may not find using in another room of the home. After all it’s a space dedicated to you so make it as personal as you can.

A dressing room is way more than a walk-in closet. A room that is essentially dedicated to everything fashion-related, a fashionist’s dream come true, a perfectly organised space replete with seating benches, sofas, islands and even chandeliers.

The Handmade Kitchen Company is the place where the indulgent allure of personalised luxury, seamlessly merges with the practical essence of organisational efficiency. Our passion lies in crafting bespoke dressing rooms that not only exude elegance but also prioritise functionality.

What to include in a dressing room

The purpose of a dressing room is simply to store clothes, shoes and accessories. Think about how you want your clothes stored, do you require lots of hanging space for longer garments, roomy drawers for bulky jumpers or shelves for your ever-growing shoe collection? Are you getting ready in this space, so a dressing table and storage for makeup is essential?

Space needed for a dressing room

Dressing rooms can work on a smaller scale and you don’t have to fit wardrobes around the whole perimeter of the room. Ideally, you want the dressing room to be situated either off a bedroom or in the adjoining room.

Let’s look below at some options you can include in your walk-in closet.

Opt for Mirrored-Fronted Cabinets

Mirrored-fronted cabinets in a dressing room can break up the feel of the units looking boxy. They keep the space feeling more open and airy, providing an illusion and another place where you can check yourself before heading out.

Make the furnishings a stylish focal point

Adding furnishings to the dressing room is a really simple way to transform a dressing room, adding colour and pattern.

Incorporate seating

If you have the space in your dressing room, adding an ottoman, bench or window seat not only provides a handy perch to sit on when putting on your shoes or staring at your clothes while deciding what to wear but also can double up as storage.

Plan the light

Light in the dressing room is key to keeping it functional. Dressing rooms tend to be darker spaces and sometimes windowless so ensuring they are well lit is crucial. Choose a strong overhead light for example a chandelier and incorporate spotlights or LED strip lights within the wardrobes themselves. You will instantly see what’s inside and it will still feel glamorous and luxurious.

Include a vanity

A dressing table is a great addition to the dressing room, creating the perfect space for storing small accessories, jewellery and makeup. Just make sure the space is well-lit and hang a large mirror above to make it a practical as well as pretty space to get ready.

Step into a realm where dressing rooms are meticulously tailored by HMK to evoke a sense of relaxation and opulence. We take pride in redefining through bespoke design, ensuring that your dressing room is not only a reflection of our unique style but also a sanctuary of rejuvenation. Contact us today for more info – we look forward to hearing from you. You will be able to see our dressing room design in our Bridger’s Barn showroom.

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