Home Study Design Trends for 2024

On the no-commute mornings, wear your comfiest clothes and say goodbye to office thermostat battles. Working from home remains a favoured choice, with a growing number of people embracing a hybrid approach post-pandemic. As we all know working from home has become part of daily life since 2020, when homeowners created makeshift spaces born of necessity, but lacking in functionality.

Are you looking to enhance your work-from-home environment? Explore below some of the latest home office trends for 2024.

Trend 1: Establishing a Boundary Between Work and Home

Remote working is becoming many people’s daily routine and there’s a noticeable transition from makeshift workspaces to dedicated ones gaining popularity. In properties that lack specific office space, workspaces that are removed completely at the end of the workday will dominate.

For those homeowners who created a makeshift home office set-up, 2024 will see this turn completely into a mobile office that clears away by the end of the day. Multi-functional furniture will play a crucial role in work-from-home experiences – from extendable dining tables to feature chairs. Crafting a space that seamlessly transitions between work and personal life can make a significant impact. Dedicated worktop organisers will also contribute to a more efficient daily setup that can be neatly stored in furniture such as a sideboard. No one wants to see keyboards and wires cluttering their dining room!

In our Orsett project, we have seen our client take back areas of her property and create a clear divide between business and pleasure. The study is the second most used room in the home.

Trend 2: Fun and Personalised Decor

Say goodbye to dull, clinical setups and say hello to the 2024 home office! This space is set to be inviting, stylish and uniquely personalised. Evolving from quickly arranged spaces, the new work-from-home environment will be meticulously curated, reflecting the same level of style and consideration as any other room.

With this flexible working routine that many people are opting for, it’s important to not only have a functional home office but one that’s stylish and inspires you to do your best work.

The remote working approach allows you to infuse your workspace with a personal touch. Incorporate inspiring art into your home study and coordinate wallpaper with your colour scheme, or invite plants to cultivate a greener ambience. Next is to think about the lighting. You need adequate lighting in this space, that’s thoughtfully designed to enhance creativity and motivation.

Our client loved our handleless Mapesbury so much that she continued it through from the kitchen to the next most used room, the study. We hand-painted the cabinetry in Little Greene Rolling Fog and combined it with oak worksurfaces for a luxury warm finish.

Trend 3: Natural Earth Tones

Due to their calming and soothing qualities, neutral tones will maintain their popularity in home offices. This upcoming year will bring a warm, earthy variation to this timeless aesthetic that will be enhanced by natural textures and luxurious soft furnishings.

In 2024, home offices will be transformed into a neutral sanctuary, inspiring creativity, productivity and tranquillity. It will be the rise of soft mushroom greys, delicate blush tones and understated earthy neutrals. Each of these versatile shades will allow for personalisation without overwhelming the workspace, promoting a clean and sophisticated place that encourages focus and collaboration.

Adding stone or wood to the mix adds warmth and a neutral colour palette brings a balanced and inspiring atmosphere adding to the aesthetics of a modern home office.

Trend 4: Chic Centrepieces

Say goodbye to minimalist, and welcome the era of intricate details.

According to research, establishing a stylish focal point in home offices will be paramount in 2024. There are numerous ways to experiment and bring this trend to life. Create a feature wall with wallpaper and invest in eye-catching statement furniture. Skype meetings have never looked this impressive.

A design tip – choosing painted panels in a mid-century colour palette presents an ideal chance for these panels to gracefully frame wall fixtures and artwork.

Hadley Wood Study Project


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