The Lacanche for Serious Cooks

A Lacanche range cooker is a joy to use, where the heavy-duty platform is engineered to perform in the world’s toughest kitchens. The simple and robust French design offers great power as well as control making it the ideal appliance for people who take cooking seriously.

It all began in the 15th Century, when Phillip the Good, the Duke of Burgundy established a foundry in the village of Lacanche, France. In 1763, Jean-Baptiste Richard de Curtil and a musketeer of the king’s guard, worked together to construct a blast furnace in the village of Lacanche. Jacques Étienne Caumartin continued to develop the foundry and manufacturing of cast iron ranges in 1895 and five years later the Coste family launched the first models of kitchen stoves, creating the kitchen piano brand Lacanche.

Throughout the 20th Century, Lacanche Ironworks continued to manufacture cast iron stoves for stately homes and the professional trade until 1972. André Augagneur purchased the factory in 1981 and with the help from his family began the process of focusing on the Lacanche range.

Today, the beautiful Lacanche range cooker is still built on the same site. Each one built honours the rich French heritage of innovation and design.

The Collection

Lacanche’s Classic Range

Picking a Lacanche from the classic range is a nod to traditional decor where professional performance and extraordinary versatility come together in the centre of the home.

Can be chosen from 30 beautiful enamelled colours (or stainless steel). The stunning deep intense colour is easy to clean and will look just as good in twenty years as the day it was fired.

Lacanche’s Modern Range

Designed with a contemporary look but filled with all the performance and versatility that the Classic provides.

Can be chosen from 30 beautiful enamelled colours (or stainless steel). The stunning deep intense colour is easy to clean and will look just as good in twenty years as the day it was fired.

Lacanche’s Open’Cook Range

How about a Lacanche for your outdoor kitchen? The Open’Cook is an integrated free-standing range of cooking designed for your outdoor space. It’s a cooking appliance that can cook food alfresco and make entertaining a culinary event.

From the Lacanche factory, there is now a range of cooking equipment that brings all of the performance of your Lacanche range cooker to your outdoor kitchen. Powerful performance, robust design and built-in safety features.

You can choose from either full mobile modules with gas bottle storage or a fully integrated range ready to be installed into your handmade outdoor kitchen furniture.

Hot news from Lacanche

Just launched last month (Sept 2023), two new colour options are available for all Lacanche Range Cookers in the UK.


The perfect marriage between white and ivory, this colour is best known for Chantilly cream, Chantilly lace and Chantilly cake. The colour is almost white but has a softer and slightly warmer hue than pure white. It brings brightness to any kitchen, working well with any hand-painted kitchen cabinet. Pair it with wood to provide a peaceful element to a bold handmade kitchen.

Black Gloss

A rich, true deep black, with a high gloss finish. This hue feels darker than any of their other shades and is extremely versatile, making a statement in any type of kitchen. If paired with white cabinets, it would be the centrepiece of the kitchen and it can also compliment dark wood or dark cabinets. Add a brass trim to add a small pop of colour and create a classic kitchen combination.

A couple of the ranges from the collection and in our client’s homes…

Lacanche Macon

The Macon is Lacanche’s most popular 1000mm wide range consisting of a three-oven combination. Configure the main ovens to your choice and select from several different hob options.

Our project in Brunswick Quay, London boasts a Lacanche Macon at the centre and a handmade Traditional Shaker kitchen complementing the French design. The colour our client opted for was ivory with brass trim to match the other detailing found in the space. This iconic range cooker is a nod to the picturesque dockside development that was built in the mid-1980s.

Lacanche Cluny

The Cluny is where the Lacanche began. It’s steeped in history and is the first range to be developed in the modern age.

Working in the busy city of London we find this home renovation complete with our In-Frame Plain Shaker kitchen and a bold Lacanche Cluny range cooker. Opting for the range to be in the colour black with brass trim, matched our client’s style of fresh and exciting. It looks sensational!

Complementing the French chic style of our Mapesbury design is the simple symmetrical design of the Cluny range in Ivory with brass trim. We worked with Claire Chanelle on this project updating the space with her dream kitchen.

Would you like to know more about the Lacanche range cooker and how it can be designed into a Handmade Kitchen Co kitchen? Contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. We hope this blog has given you some inspiration for your next kitchen project.



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