Adding a Victorian Style to a Handmade Kitchen

Are you looking to add a bit of history to your kitchen design, where big and beautiful Range Cookers stand out, original features such as wooden beams are exposed and heritage colours are introduced throughout the space…? The Victorian era was a time in history between the years of 1837 and 1901, the reign of Queen Victoria and the cheap mass-production of countless household items being made accessible for people who could never afford them.

In this blog, we will look at the many features you can add to your handmade kitchen to pay tribute to this era.

Adding an iconic AGA

To create the perfect country kitchen add a robust AGA Range Cooker to the space. These traditional cookers add character and warmth to the space with their impeccable appearance and technology. They have built up a reputation through their iconic design, uncompromising quality and award-winning innovation. Built from cast-iron making it perfect for radiating heat and being gentle on food, locking in moisture, flavour and goodness, so the food you serve will taste delicious just as you intended.

AGA has now designed models that can fit into every home and lifestyle, making them popular with many celebrities such as Mary Berry, Daisy Lowe, Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White.

In our Matching Tye project, our client has always wanted an AGA for their home. When it came to refurbing their property they thought this was the best time to add this iconic cooker to the kitchen. The layout was changed to a U-shape, where period features were exposed to emphasis the natural beauty of this 18th century home. They chose a crisp white one and we designed it between our classic shaker on the bottom of the ‘U’. It certainly provides this room with uncompromising quality and award-winning innovation.

Speak to any AGA owner and they will tell you that they can’t imagine life without one now.

Add copper elements

Adding copper cookware will give you a truly authentic looking Victorian-style kitchen and metal elements that will fit within any kitchen design. If you are after the classic Victorian look, then display the items on an open shelf or in a glass-fronted cabinet.

When looking back throughout the Victorian era, the vast majority of Victorian sculleries displayed gleaming copper pots and pans on open-shelving. Copper was cheap and a staple material that was used throughout the period, across a wide variety of industries.

Our client below in the Matching Tye project chose a Mauviel Tea Kettle and Kitchen Aid in a copper finish to add to this Victorian home.

Expose natural beauty

If you are lucky enough to have period features within your property, we think you are very lucky and that they should be embraced, throughout the design, with them being made visible wherever they can.

Below in the Bishop’s Stortford project wooden beams fill the ceiling and large Victorian windows bathe the room with wonderful natural light. These periodic features emphasis the space, with the wooden beams running along the ceiling showing the structure of the Grade II listed property.

Choose heritage colours

A room that’s south-facing, or a kitchen with plenty of windows, heritage-inspired colours such as blue and green can create ambience. The atmosphere and feel of a kitchen are down to the light and shade available and chosen.

The gorgeous green kitchen below in Bishop’s Stortford completes the 1800’s ex-postal office. The property features lots of original features and the green hues transform this room into a storytelling kitchen that adds drama and luxury.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Lots of old homes have wonderful high ceilings that are perfect for floor-to-ceiling cabinets. These types of units are chosen to maximise the storage space but to also show off the scale of the room.

This stunning kitchen fitted within a traditional townhouse has been fully renovated and extended, creating a lovely large and bright space. The property in Theydon Bois has been completed with these stunning cabinets to fit all of our client’s kitchen essentials.

Are you looking to add a Victorian vibe to your kitchen? Contact us today to find out more – we look forward to hearing from you.

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