Individual Traditional / Contemporary Style Kitchen 29 – Mapesbury

This kitchen isn’t strictly a Traditional style, it does feature Traditional style mouldings and these have been applied to contemporary handleless doors, creating a truly bespoke kitchen design exactly what our client requested from us. The first of its kind, designed for our client in Mapesbury, London.

As you can see the property features very high ceilings and is a large space, the idea was to create a feature-wall of furniture which has been framed with a chunky wooden frame as one single piece of furniture. The central island is the largest possible size from a single piece of Quartzite – which is the Bianca Eclipsia.

So you might be wondering, how do you open the doors if they are handleless, well, with the doors along the very top of the feature wall are push-to-open style, which is the same for the rear storage in the island where the stools are. The bottom doors and drawers, plus drawers in the front of the island all feature a ‘J’ style handle which is hidden and lets you reach over the top of the door/drawer to pull it out.

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