HMK Live Event – Showcasing our NEW Outdoor Kitchen

We wanted to create an outdoor event that would invite many of you, existing and potential new clients to come and look at our new outdoor area, featuring the Wolf 914mm Outdoor Grill. It became a successful couple of days where music played, drinks flowed and the most delicious food was cooked by House of Herbert.

At Handmade Kitchen Company, we design and craft exquisite outdoor kitchens that transcend conventional outdoor cooking spaces. Our mission and goals are to serve custom-designed kitchens as a sanctuary for culinary enthusiasts who seek the perfect fusion of artistic elegance and practical functionality.

We recognise that every culinary masterpiece has its own story to tell, and we design our kitchens to celebrate the art of both cuisine and architecture. With a dedication to preserving the essence of each dish, we exclusively source the finest materials and construction techniques to create kitchens that seamlessly blend beauty with resilience.

Our offerings span a broad spectrum, from integrated grills to warming drawers, outdoor refrigerators and sinks, all thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique needs and desires. They can also be home to a pizza oven! Whether you’re hosting a grand gathering or preparing a romantic dinner for two, our outdoor kitchens are designed to help you create culinary experiences that leave a lasting impression.

MasterChef at your dinner table

The team at HMK have struck up a good working relationship with Gordon Herbert and he has graced us with his presence for a whole range of events throughout the years. Gordon appeared on our screens on series 15 of MasterChef (2019), winning a coveted MasterChef apron. Gordon is now fulfilling his dream by running a small family business as a full-time professional chef bringing the restaurant experience into the comfort of your home and creating a personalised menu for the occasion.

Gordon says “The best part, no shopping, no prepping, no cooking, no designated driver needed and we will leave your kitchen exactly as we found it!”

The Menu

We started off with:

Halloumi, mint, lime (chilled flash grilled on either side)

Emperor King Prawns & Wild Garlic Butter (flambeed in Pernod)

2nd Course consisted of:

Charred Grass Fed T-Bone, Chimichurri (beautifully sous vide to the perfect medium finish and then seared on the hottest setting of the grill for a few minutes on either side)

Seared Grass Fed Ribeye and Chimichurri (beautifully sous vide to the perfect medium finish and then seared on the hottest setting of the grill for a few minutes on either side)

Whole Rotisserie Cajun Chicken (rotated using the rotisserie motor and cooked magically before our eyes)

24hr Marinated Spanish Style Pork Fillet, Baby Chorizo & Vegetable Skewer, Red Pepper Houmous

House of Herbert Gourmet Burgers (Mature Cheddar, Lollo Rosso, Beef Tomato, Red Onion, HoH Burger Sauce)

Priors Hall Farm Traditional Extra-Large Sausages in Brioche

(Of course, we had to have Hot Dogs and Burgers. Gordon showed us that this amazing BBQ grill can cook these essentials to perfection.)


BBQ Roasted New Potatoes, Garlic & Rosemary

Buttered Cobs

Finished with a scrumptious dessert:

Caramelised Pineapple and Salted Caramel Drizzle

“Delicious and super easy… a definite crowd-pleaser!”

Wolf Outdoor Grill

The Wolf ICBOG36 Outdoor Grill has four individually contained burners for independent heat control, including an infrared sear zone to seal in juices – perfect for cooking steaks, burgers and sausages. It also includes a two-position rotisserie system for chicken or pork to keep it its most succulent. And of course, Wolf thinks of everything and has included Halogen lights to illuminate the grilling surface for late-night cooking and the signature red control knobs are LED-lit for easy reading.

“In sculpted stainless steel, this luxury BBQ may be the last grill you’ll ever need to buy.”

Wolf Outdoor Warming Drawer

To add to the outdoor culinary set-up, we added the Wolf outdoor warming drawer. This stainless steel appliance helps keep moist foods moist and crisp foods crisp. Electronic controls are hidden to allow the unit to become completely integrated with the surrounding cabinetry. The drawer is so capacious you can easily warm plates and dishes for a large gathering of friends or family and you can even ‘proof’ dough.

Sub-Zero Outdoor Refrigeration

Convenient refrigeration is brought to your outdoor space with the Sub-Zero drawers. They can hold 71L of food and keep it fresher for longer, thanks to smart-touch technology that lets you control temperatures from 1°C to 7°C. Organisation is easy with the adjustable and removable dividers that allow you to separate fresh foods, beverages, snacks and more and LED lighting is also incorporated and can be controlled.


If you are looking to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen, you have come to the right place. Let our expertise and designs send you on an incredible journey into the world of outdoor culinary experiences. If you would like more information contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.

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