Collaborative Projects


Tom Hughes was destined to be an interior designer. Asking for bespoke shelving at the age of nine for a Christmas present was an early sign of things to come!

Tom creates individualistic spaces unique to his clients. His network of skilled artisans and craftsmen, combined with the continual sourcing of new suppliers, ensures originality in every project. In fact, a studio philosophy is to not use the same item twice.

Tom doesn’t shy away from colour – he embraces it, incorporating playful twists into his designs, adding to the richness and character of the space. Often a marriage of contemporary and antique, Tom’s designs are multifaceted, timeless and intelligent – all cleverly conceived to also meet the demands of everyday life.

Tom’s approach to his work is open, honest and straightforward – he believes good design should be easily accessible to his clients. He also expertly prioritises where to invest, and where not to, within a space.

Alongside creative direction, Tom has years of experience delivering first-class client service and project management. His meticulous attention to detail ensures the team deliver on time, within budget and with full transparency.

Tom graduated with distinction from KLC School of Design, the UK’s leading interior design school. He worked with leading designers before founding his own studio, Tom Hughes Interior Design in 2015.