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Why do I have to enter my email address?

We collect data to understand where our website visitors are coming from (as per our cookie policy) so that we can better improve the information we provide and reach more potential customers. We want to be able to send you emails which contain useful information from our years of knowledge, as we don’t think just a brochure or website will give you a true feel of what we do, so just ask for a very small contribution from you of your email address – you can, of course, unsubscribe at any time!

What do your marketing emails consist of?

We promise not to bombard you with unnecessary marketing emails, so we will only send you emails that will be useful to you. For example, you will receive the brochure download link by email, an email follow up with some links to our website, and then further emails will be sent with inspirational kitchen design ideas and functionality that we have carefully designed and crafted in-house.

How often will you email me?

Emails are sent as part of a journey, from the initial brochure download you will receive two emails within the first 7 days, and after that, you will only receive one email every two weeks. After you have completed the ‘journey’ which is around 12 weeks’ time, you will be added to our standard marketing emails which feature updates on our latest projects and showroom improvements, and anything else we think may be useful to you.

How easy is it to unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from our marketing emails from the very first email you receive from us containing the brochure! So it’s very simple, you can use the link contained in the footer of all of our automated emails, or you can reply ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘stop emails’ and we will unsubscribe you.