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When it comes to your bespoke kitchen, your choice of colours and finishes are endless. Whether you prefer natural wood colours with a lacquer, a shade to match your colour scheme or bold paint to brighten up your kitchen; a hand painted kitchen is growing in popularity.

Hand painted kitchens are a growing trend and a luxury accompaniment to your bespoke kitchen. Many choose to DIY when it comes to painting their kitchen but are left disappointed with the finished result. Although it may look easy, painting requires skill and knowledge and should only be attempted by someone who knows exactly what they are doing so they can achieve a smooth, even finish. At Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we are highly skilled painters and have many years of experience. We give your finished bespoke kitchen a quality touch of colour and bring it to life.

A common misconception of hand painted kitchen is that the quality is low, this is entirely untrue, in fact it is the opposite. Hand painted kitchens are decorated with care and attention. At Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we inspect every inch of your kitchen so there are no imperfections and there are no visible gaps, joints or uneven patches. It is this perfection and attention to detail which makes a hand painted kitchen a high quality luxury feature. Many other companies simply do not take the the time to pay attention to small details, this means they can leave imperfections, no matter how small, this can leave you frustrated and displeased. A smooth and perfect finish requires patience, skill, a steady hand and care. We pride ourselves on our understanding of colour charts and in depth knowledge of curing times, this enables us to give your kitchen a flawless finished result.

Undoubtably, the most popular aspect of having a hand painted kitchen is complete choice. You have a countless choice of colours and shades which can be bold, bright, pastels and mixed to any colour you can imagine. All colours and shades are available in matt, gloss or semi-gloss with lasting results. Our paint choices are only the best quality on the market and we deter from strong solvent paints so you can enjoy using your kitchen without a strong smell lingering for days. We only use paint that will last and restrain its colour for years, without any fading on yellowing over time. Kitchens painted by Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, will be the perfect match to accompany your colour scheme and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Viewing a kitchen by Handmade Kitchen Co is the only way to Truly appreciate our craftsmanship and high quality skills. To see our hand painted and bespoke kitchens in their full beauty, come a visit our showroom where we will be happy to show you our latest work. If you would like any more information on our hand painted or bespoke kitchens then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex.

January 11, 2018

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