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Modern Contemporary Shaker Style Kitchens Essex

The characteristics of a shaker style kitchen is the elegant and simplistic design. Shaker style kitchens take form of a classic square frame design with a recessed flat-centre panel. The diversity of the shaker style kitchen means it can work well with any wood-grain and colour, both matt and gloss finishes. The shaker style kitchen can blend in beautifully with both modern and traditional kitchen styles. A shaker style kitchen is a classic and stylish choice, with the option to modernise or keep traditional. Shaker kitchen designs feature sophisticated cabinets and panels that deliver warmth and style. The traditional edge of these fittings combine neatly with modern appliances and linear patterns to form a practical space that radiates with elegance. A shaker kitchen often attracts the attention of guests and gives them a little clue into your personality, they are perfect for those looking to combine style, elegance, simplicity and durability.

Many people are now opting for a modern shaker style kitchen, here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we can craft and design your modern shaker style kitchen from scratch or upgrade and update your existing shaker style kitchen to present-day.

The modern shaker style kitchen can still maintain some of the traditional features but certain adjustments can give it a contemporary look:

  • Colours- Shaker Style is the perfect canvas for a wide range of colour options, traditional shaker style kitchens generally have neutral colours in a single shade. To make your kitchen more contemporary, you can use bright or bold colours in a number of different shades, glosses and finishes.
  • Handles- The handles on your cabinets are a great way to modernise your shaker style kitchen. Choosing sleek bar, stainless steel or glass handles can instantly give your kitchen a clean, modern look. Polished brass and copper handles are growing in popularity, especially with darker coloured cabinets as they instantly make them stand out and give your kitchen a contemporary twist.
  • Worktops- Updating your worktops are a great way to modernise your shaker style kitchen. Materials such as Quartz and Granite add a contemporary feel to your kitchen and can be matched with your flooring or cabinet colour scheme.
  • Appliances and Accessories- Adding up-to-date kitchen furniture and appliances can quickly modernise your shaker style kitchen. By coordinating colour schemes and materials or following the latest trends, you can instantly give your kitchen a more contemporary feel. Adding units and doors to conceal appliances instantly give your kitchen a minimalistic look. Updated accessories such as cooking utensils, microwaves and kettles make a big difference; stainless steel and glass accessories are very popular at the moment.
  • Unit/cabinets shape- You can give you shaker style kitchen a contemporary look by adding/replacing existing cabinets/units with curved cabinets or a curved kitchen island as a main feature.
  • Floors and lighting- Adding modern lighting is a great way to give your shaker kitchen a contemporary twist. LEDs are a popular choice as they are very efficient and look stylish and minimalistic. A change of flooring can bring the whole of your kitchen together to blend and coordinate with modern colour and lighting schemes.

Here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we will design and build your modern shaker style kitchen with quality and care. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to apply the core principals of the Shaker style today, with skill and care through our bespoke designs and craftsmanship; we can build and design your perfect shaker style kitchen.

If you would like to know more about modern or traditional shaker style kitchens, please contact us here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex. You can also visit our impressive showroom, where you can view our latest shaker style kitchen builds and gain valuable ideas about your future kitchen design.

December 13, 2017

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