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Traditional Shaker Style Kitchens Essex

Many people are becoming increasingly fond of traditional kitchens. A traditional kitchen brings warmth, style and a homely feel. It is a place they can feel cosy and make memories whilst having practicality and classic design. A common misconception with a traditional kitchen design, is that it will look outdated or too old fashioned to fit in with the times. A traditional kitchen can still look sleek and clean, but it has more personality and personal touches compared to a complete modern kitchen. A traditional kitchen is timeless; with the right touches and colours, it can look stylish and have an antique feel. There is a wide window of choice available for the traditional kitchen buyer, this draws people to Shaker Style Kitchens.

The Shaker style kitchen is a traditional design that delivers a timeless warmth. It works extremely well in both period and modern homes. Shaker style kitchens are renowned for their timeless quality and practical simplicity. If you are looking for a kitchen that will still look fashionable in a decade’s time; then a traditional shaker style kitchen is a great investment. Many people are now opting for a traditional shaker style kitchen; here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we can craft and design your traditional shaker style kitchen from scratch or upgrade your existing kitchen to bring you a timeless classic.

A traditional Shaker design features skilled craftsmanship and design simplicity, this is what gives it the timeless quality. Cabinets are classically proportioned to have an image of symmetry and balance. They are crafted from solid wood which consists of square framed cabinetry, cupboards and doors with inset panels. Traditional Shaker Style Kitchens can feature hanging cabinets, peg rails and chalkboards.

The true timelessness and elegance is what makes the traditional Shaker style kitchen so popular. It’s universally compatible with any style of home and the freedom of design is an appealing for individuality. You can choose to have your whole kitchen crafted to suit your homes interior shape and there is an endless choice colours and finishes for your hand painted cabinets.

The traditional Shaker style kitchen is known for practicality and durability. Your shaker style kitchen will look as good as new many years later, it is guaranteed to bring you long term enjoyment and practicality. Today with so many remarkable kitchen designs to choose from, one of the most universally popular worldwide, remains the traditional shaker style kitchen.

Here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we will design and build your traditional shaker style kitchen with quality and care. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to apply the core principals of the Shaker style today, with skill and care through our bespoke designs and craftsmanship; we can build and design your perfect shaker style kitchen.

If you would like to know more about traditional shaker style kitchens, please contact us here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex. You can also visit our impressive showroom, where you can view our latest shaker style kitchen builds and gain valuable ideas about your future kitchen design.

January 15, 2018

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