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Built In and Built Under

There is a wide range of styles (and prices) available to you when considering appliances for your kitchen. Free standing, ‘built-in’, ‘built-under’, integrated, and semi integrated options are all available. We will work closely with you in selecting appliance combinations that achieve the functionality you require and add that ‘Wow’ factor to your kitchen design.

Built In and Built Under appliances are designed to fit into kitchen units but remain visible while Integrated appliances require a furniture door to match the kitchen and will be hidden from view (excepting Semi Integrated models where there is a visible control panel).

Built Under appliances are designed to match a standard base unit height and only designed to go under a counter. Built In appliances may go under a counter but equally may be mounted at eye-level. However, there are exceptions, for example;

  • Eye level Built In appliances are not designed with plinth recesses and so should not be fitted under a worktop.

  • There is a range of appliances (e.g. some double ovens, fridges and even wine coolers) that are made to fit under the worktop and may not be fitted at eye-level and conversely some double ovens designed to fit eye-level in tall housings that may not be fitted under counter. Those variations are also reflected in some designs of Built In and Built Under fridges/freezers.

  • Ventilation is also a consideration as varies between the Built In and Built Under variations of similar products.

NB – Given the above, always consult with your designer to confirm that your appliances are appropriate for the installation position selected.

May 17, 2018

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