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Kitchen Seating Essex

Nowadays, kitchen seating is becoming more of a priority. With many people choosing to upgrade their kitchen into a place of socialisation and family time, comfortable seating is paramount to a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Incorporating the correct seating can be rather tricky, especially if space is limited and at busy times and events such as Christmas.

Your choice of seating and where you locate it is a key focal point of the design. Wrongly placed seating can cause a variety of problems; sitting too close to the working area can seem very crowded and sitting too far away will seem distant and it may be hard to hear or focus on your guests. You need to work out what seating you need depending on how and when it is used. For example, will the seating be used for breakfast and drinks or big family meals and entertaining. Whatever your seating needs, Handmade Kitchen Co Essex will help you figure out your design options and install your perfect comfortable kitchen seating.

Here is a breakdown of different seating options which will help you decide what is right for your kitchen.


Stools are a great option for breakfast, snacks, light meals and drinks. They go well with an island or peninsula and are great for keeping family close and encouraging children to do homework and get involved with crafts or baking. Gas-lift stools are becoming increasingly popular as they can be height adjusted to suit the level of your worktop or bar. You can also lower them when not in use and tuck them under the worktop overhang to save space. Stools can be just as comfy as chairs, as you can opt for ones with cushioned backs and arm rests. Static bar chairs are another option but it is important that they fit the correct level of your peninsula or breakfast bar before buying.


Dining chairs are great for free standing tables, low level surfaces and integrated tables and surfaces. These are perfect for bigger family gatherings and home cooked meals. A great benefit of low level dining chairs is that you can choose stackable ones which makes it easy to tidy them out of the way when your dining area isn’t being used. This helps to maximise space and use the surface for other purposes. Dining chairs are available in a wide variety of different styles and you can choose padded or wipe clean chairs to minimise cleaning.


A banquette or booth is a permanent seating arrangement which can be designed as part of a central island unit, it is great for those with both smaller and larger kitchens as they can also be gravitate into corners to save space. A banquette or booth can be L shaped or a curved design and is perfect for keeping family and friends close together; whilst having the luxury of an overhead bulkhead and different coloured lighting options. A banquette can be made in almost any colour, material and style you want. You can opt for furniture that matches your cabinets and have padded or wipe clean seats.


Benches are a very versatile addition to your kitchen. They can be freestanding, built-in, and paired with chairs and islands. Benches can be made in any size or style which suits you, there’s even options to have lift up lids and drawers for storage. Another great benefit of a bench is that it can fit almost anywhere. Some people love to sit near the window but those with smaller kitchens struggle to fit seating in that area. A bench is great for this purpose, installing a small window seat will be a perfect solution and you can even integrate a small table into the area.

Here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we can help you plan and design your Bespoke or integrated kitchen seating. You can choose from different materials, shapes, colours, styles and padding to give your seating area comfort and ultimate practicality. Whatever your kitchen size or style, we have a seating option to suit you.

If you would like to know more about our different seating options or would like to discuss anything else about your kitchen requirements, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex. You can also visit our showroom to view our beautiful kitchen and seating options in a fully functioning display. We look forward to hearing from you.

Classic English Country Kitchens Essex

A classic English country kitchen represents warmth, homeliness and traditional values. They are becoming increasingly sought after by city and country residents alike. Those living in bustling cities and busy towns throughout Essex, long for a taste of the country feeling. Likewise, country residents love to integrate the classic elements into their homes to match their lifestyle.

A classic English country kitchen radiates with warmth and elegance. With natural materials, warm woods and organic textures, a country kitchen becomes an ornate work of art with a wholesome atmosphere. The style can be adopted to both modern and traditional homes and creates a timeless design appeal.


Though not to everyone’s taste, a classic English country kitchen will always be welcoming and homely to all kinds of visitors. The warm ambience of a classic English country kitchen, is a quality which brings families and friends together. With a relaxed and informal atmosphere, it makes a beautiful setting for family meals and get-togethers.


Old fashioned concepts of classic English country kitchens include; dated patterns and pale green or yellow paint which is chipped away. In reality, they are sophisticated, elegant and stylish. The natural woods, crafted curves and elegant glass door fronts create characteristic charm which is full of personality. Wooden beams and shabby chic furniture compliment surrounding features and give it a rustic appeal.


Not all classic English country kitchens are the same. In fact, the design options are wide and varied. Yellow, cream and pale greens have long been associated with this classic style but newer modern choices are being adapted. The choice of colours and textures are endless; light greys, reds and brilliant whites bring a modern twist to your classic country kitchen. The shape and size of your kitchen is no longer a problem; classic English country kitchens are crafted and designed to fit your needs and requirements. There is the option of various materials, integrated appliances and different kitchen doors which can successfully blended together. Here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we can design your classic English country kitchen to suit you. Whether you want elegant curves, vertical grooves, rustic edges or flowing kitchen islands; we can craft your kitchen to be truly classic or with a modern twist. A classic English country kitchen doesn’t need to have old appliances to set the theme, both modern and traditional kitchens can be fully integrated with the latest technical appliances. From American fridge freezers to larders, warming drawers, different lighting, tiles, flooring, windows and furniture; your kitchen can be full to the brim with innovative technology whilst retaining its rustic country feel.


Apart from looking beautiful, classic country kitchens are functional and durable. This style uses many durable materials such as hard wood, stone or butchers block worktops and apron front sinks. The durability and hard-wearing element is what makes them a reliable and sophisticated choice for many customers.

Whether traditional or a modern twist, a classic English country kitchen will make you feel right at home. It is a perfect atmosphere to spend with friends and family and make many lasting memories.

If you like to know more about our classic English country kitchens or any other of our kitchen styles, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex. You can also visit our showroom to view our beautiful kitchens in a fully functioning display. We look forward to hearing from you.

Luxury Kitchens Essex

A luxury kitchen can transform your home and lifestyle. Whether you prefer traditional, modern or period kitchens; each one can be made to a high quality standard which boasts sophistication and luxury.

Your kitchen is one of the most high traffic rooms within your home, it is not only used for all meals of the day; it can also used for social events and family time. It can be used for parties, meetings, discussions and creative projects etc. Whatever you use your kitchen for, it should be a place of comfort and style. A place that highlights your personality and makes you proud to show it off. Here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we can help you achieve your luxury kitchen. With a range of cabinets, appliances, lighting, flooring, utilities, islands and colour choices; we can craft, install, paint and fit your your luxury kitchen.

What’s The Difference Between A Luxury Kitchen and Standard Kitchen?

Many people wonder what a luxury kitchen requires and what features they have. Firstly, a luxury kitchen is made from the best quality materials and appliances on the market. Kitchen furniture and devices are of premium standard and are the cutting edge of technical innovation. There are some must have items which are ideal to include in a luxury kitchen to make it lavish and minimalistic.

Frameless and Handleless Cabinets and Drawers

Luxury kitchens can feature frameless and handleless cabinets and drawers. This option allows you to keep your kitchen looking minimalistic, sleek and stylish; it is also very practical. Frameless and handleless kitchens offer you a lot more space and cabinet volume. They are also visually pleasing as you are able to hide appliances and there are no unsightly handles poking out.

Hand Painted Cabinets

Hand painted cabinets are becoming increasingly popular and is considered a luxury accompaniment to your kitchen. Hand painted cabinets are done with extreme care and skill. Therefore, they look more smooth and even than a factory painted finish. Although it may look quite simple to do it yourself, painting requires skill and should only be attempted by someone who knows exactly what they’re are doing. Having your cabinets hand painted by a professional ensures every nook and cranny is taken care of so you receive a lovely, even finish. Beautifully painted cabinets are a must have for a luxury kitchen.


Lighting can make all the difference to your kitchen and has a lot more affect on your mood than you realise. A luxury kitchen should have more than one light with the option of different brightnesses. It is a good idea to layer the light in your luxury kitchen so you can choose which one is best for you; rather than being stuck with one light at the same brightness constantly. Task lighting is a popular choice for luxury kitchens and they are great for worktops. They give you just the right amount of light to cook and prepare food. Many luxury kitchens now have LED lighting, these are not only attractive but also very energy saving. Where you position your lights can also help to create the illusion of space. Cleverly positioned spotlights can make the room appear larger and spacious.


Luxury kitchens generally have stone or tiled flooring. Stone floors are beautiful and hard wearing, although they can be quite porous. Tiles are the most popular choice of kitchen flooring, they are available in a huge range of different colours, shades and patterns. Tile floors are waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean. Choosing the right colours and patterns can make your kitchen look bright and luxurious. Those on a budget can choose linoleum which also comes in a wide range of colours and patterns and looks just as expensive as tiles but is not as hardwearing.

Appliances and Utilities

• Boiling water taps

Many people are now opting for a boiling water tap as part of their luxury kitchen. Boiling water taps are very convenient and time saving; they allow you to make a cup of tea or coffee straight from the tap. You can also steam food or make a hot snack in seconds, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. For those that have hectic days, waiting 3 minutes for a kettle can seem like a long time; boiling water taps help to save precious time so they can go about their day.

• Larders

Larders are a stunning and practical addition to a luxury kitchen. They are available as single or double doored and are a great storage option for dried food. They feature bottle and spice racks and the back of the doors which is a great space saver. Larders are aesthetically pleasing and are handy to keep dried goods in one place, rather than opening multiple cupboard doors.

• Cookers and Fridges

Luxury comes in the form of high-end quality cookers with brands such as Wolf. The Wolf brand has quality, high functioning cookers which are made with premium grade materials and innovative design. Built to last and withstand heavy cooking, they are perfect for a luxury kitchen.

Many luxury kitchens have quality refrigeration with brands such as Sub-Zero. Products from Sub-Zero are of much higher quality than standard fridges. They are made with better materials and are the result of innovative engineering. They preserve food a lot longer than the average refrigerator and are built to last many years.

A luxury kitchen boasts personality and sophistication. It is full of quality and built to last, giving you freedom, expression and a lifetime of memories.

If you would like to know more about luxury kitchens or would like to see some examples of our luxury kitchens then please don’t hesitate to contact us and visit our showroom here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex.

Carrara Quartz Worktops Essex

Carrara quartz worktops are a beautiful accompaniment to your kitchen. As well as being bright and modern, they are extremely hard wearing, heat and stain resistant. Carrara quartz worktops are elegant and attractive in appearance, they are available in a range of different finishes which is perfect for freedom of design.

Many people are drawn to the idea of having of white Carrara marble for their kitchen worktops, they are visually stunning but have various setbacks. White Carrara marble is a soft stone and is very porous, this means that they are likely to stain easily and require high maintenance. Carrara quartz is a perfect alternative as it has been created to look exactly like Carrara marble but is a lot harder. Carrara quartz is an engineered stone and is made from a mixture of natural stones and resins. It is very tough and can withstand chips, scratches and stains. Carrara quartz looks visually stunning as a kitchen worktop. The colouring is a white surface with a faint black pattern running throughout the stone, they are available in matt, semi-matt or high polished finishes. A big feature is that they reflect the light exceptionally well and brightens up your kitchen. This is why many people are opting for Carrara quartz as an alternative to Carrara marble.

Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex, we can upgrade and update your existing outdated worktops to present-day charm. We can install and fit your beautiful new Carrara quartz worktops to make your kitchen bright, elegant and in with the times.

Benefits of Carrara Quartz Worktops:

• Heat Resistant

Carrara quartz worktops are very resistant to heat. That said, common sense should be used and it is not advisable to place or leave hot pans directly on them from the hob or oven. It is better to use heat pads or wait until the pan has slightly cooled down.

• Scratch/Chip Resistant

Carrara quartz worktops are highly scratch and chip resistant. They will withstand most scuffs or scratches, providing you are sensible by not chopping on the surface and by using a protective aid such as chopping board. They are also extremely resistant to impact so dropped pans or cups will not dent the surface.

• Hygienic

Carrara quartz worktops are extremely hygienic, this is because the surfaces are non-porous and will not soak in any spills. This makes it hard for bacteria to harbour and for any mould or rot to form. Carrara quartz worktops are highly favourable with chefs and catering establishments, as they provide a clean, safe surface for food preparation. Cleaning them is also very simple, it is as easy as wiping over the dirt with a damp cloth.

• Stain Resistant

Because they are non-porous, Carrara quartz worktops are remarkably stain resistant. The colour and pattern of the surfaces will also enable you to spot small stains easily, allowing you to clean them precisely. Tough stains such as red wine, coffee, cooking sauces and food colouring will not soak in to the surface and can be wiped away with ease. They are also very resistant to acids such as lemon juice and those found in household cleaners.

• Easy Maintenance

Carrara quartz worktops are very easy to maintain provided that you are sensible with them, spills can be wiped up easily with a damp cloth and spray. Tougher stains such as paint, egg, cheese, nail varnish etc, should be left to dry so they can be scraped off with a plastic knife. Avoid placing damaging materials on your surfaces such as gloss paints, permanent markers, ink, paint strippers, wax and harsh chemicals etc. This will maintain the life of your surfaces and keep them looking as good as new.

Worktops and other surfaces made with Carrara quartz are not only stunning to look at, they are also very practical and make life easier. Given responsible care, they will last countless years and maintain their beauty throughout. The elegance and impressive hardness and durability, is ideal for families, chefs, avid cooks and busy households with high traffic in the kitchen. Carrara quartz can also be used as a splash-back for behind the cooker or the sink. The non-absorption, easy cleaning and minimal maintenance make it a favourable choice for kitchen owners throughout Essex. They are also impressively resistant to damage, abrasion and acids.

Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens by Nicholas Bridger, we can supply and install your Carrara quartz kitchen with our skilled team. If you have any questions about the Carrara quartz worktops or any of our other kitchen worktops, then please don’t hesitate to contact Nicholas Bridger and the team at Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex. You can also visit our Showroom to see many of our worktops in our fully functioning displays.

Traditional Shaker Style Kitchens Essex

Many people are becoming increasingly fond of traditional kitchens. A traditional kitchen brings warmth, style and a homely feel. It is a place they can feel cosy and make memories whilst having practicality and classic design. A common misconception with a traditional kitchen design, is that it will look outdated or too old fashioned to fit in with the times. A traditional kitchen can still look sleek and clean, but it has more personality and personal touches compared to a complete modern kitchen. A traditional kitchen is timeless; with the right touches and colours, it can look stylish and have an antique feel. There is a wide window of choice available for the traditional kitchen buyer, this draws people to Shaker Style Kitchens.

The Shaker style kitchen is a traditional design that delivers a timeless warmth. It works extremely well in both period and modern homes. Shaker style kitchens are renowned for their timeless quality and practical simplicity. If you are looking for a kitchen that will still look fashionable in a decade’s time; then a traditional shaker style kitchen is a great investment. Many people are now opting for a traditional shaker style kitchen; here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we can craft and design your traditional shaker style kitchen from scratch or upgrade your existing kitchen to bring you a timeless classic.

A traditional Shaker design features skilled craftsmanship and design simplicity, this is what gives it the timeless quality. Cabinets are classically proportioned to have an image of symmetry and balance. They are crafted from solid wood which consists of square framed cabinetry, cupboards and doors with inset panels. Traditional Shaker Style Kitchens can feature hanging cabinets, peg rails and chalkboards.

The true timelessness and elegance is what makes the traditional Shaker style kitchen so popular. It’s universally compatible with any style of home and the freedom of design is an appealing for individuality. You can choose to have your whole kitchen crafted to suit your homes interior shape and there is an endless choice colours and finishes for your hand painted cabinets.

The traditional Shaker style kitchen is known for practicality and durability. Your shaker style kitchen will look as good as new many years later, it is guaranteed to bring you long term enjoyment and practicality. Today with so many remarkable kitchen designs to choose from, one of the most universally popular worldwide, remains the traditional shaker style kitchen.

Here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we will design and build your traditional shaker style kitchen with quality and care. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to apply the core principals of the Shaker style today, with skill and care through our bespoke designs and craftsmanship; we can build and design your perfect shaker style kitchen.

If you would like to know more about traditional shaker style kitchens, please contact us here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex. You can also visit our impressive showroom, where you can view our latest shaker style kitchen builds and gain valuable ideas about your future kitchen design.

Hand Painted Kitchens Essex

When it comes to your bespoke kitchen, your choice of colours and finishes are endless. Whether you prefer natural wood colours with a lacquer, a shade to match your colour scheme or bold paint to brighten up your kitchen; a hand painted kitchen is growing in popularity.

Hand painted kitchens are a growing trend and a luxury accompaniment to your bespoke kitchen. Many choose to DIY when it comes to painting their kitchen but are left disappointed with the finished result. Although it may look easy, painting requires skill and knowledge and should only be attempted by someone who knows exactly what they are doing so they can achieve a smooth, even finish. At Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we are highly skilled painters and have many years of experience. We give your finished bespoke kitchen a quality touch of colour and bring it to life.

A common misconception of hand painted kitchen is that the quality is low, this is entirely untrue, in fact it is the opposite. Hand painted kitchens are decorated with care and attention. At Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, we inspect every inch of your kitchen so there are no imperfections and there are no visible gaps, joints or uneven patches. It is this perfection and attention to detail which makes a hand painted kitchen a high quality luxury feature. Many other companies simply do not take the the time to pay attention to small details, this means they can leave imperfections, no matter how small, this can leave you frustrated and displeased. A smooth and perfect finish requires patience, skill, a steady hand and care. We pride ourselves on our understanding of colour charts and in depth knowledge of curing times, this enables us to give your kitchen a flawless finished result.

Undoubtably, the most popular aspect of having a hand painted kitchen is complete choice. You have a countless choice of colours and shades which can be bold, bright, pastels and mixed to any colour you can imagine. All colours and shades are available in matt, gloss or semi-gloss with lasting results. Our paint choices are only the best quality on the market and we deter from strong solvent paints so you can enjoy using your kitchen without a strong smell lingering for days. We only use paint that will last and restrain its colour for years, without any fading on yellowing over time. Kitchens painted by Handmade Kitchen Co Essex, will be the perfect match to accompany your colour scheme and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Viewing a kitchen by Handmade Kitchen Co is the only way to Truly appreciate our craftsmanship and high quality skills. To see our hand painted and bespoke kitchens in their full beauty, come a visit our showroom where we will be happy to show you our latest work. If you would like any more information on our hand painted or bespoke kitchens then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Handmade Kitchen Co Essex.

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