At The Handmade Kitchen Company, we have been crafting outstanding kitchens for more than 22 years. We have created and perfected hundreds of designs over the years, to suit a wide range of personalities, spaces and budgets.

All of our creations are unique. However, every one of our kitchens are centred around the Shaker Design philosophy.

Whilst delivering the finest finish possible means that no two kitchens have ever been the same, initially, we’ll show you our three principle styles of Shaker kitchen. Choosing the style that you favour empowers us with an initial design-led brief, set jointly with yourselves, that will lay the foundations for your kitchen’s unique design aesthetic. Additionally, some of our clients like to blend different aspects of the 3 styles across their design – your kitchen furniture will be truly bespoke – the design details should be unique to you!

You will notice we have split our Shaker collection into three; the Classic, Traditional and Modern Shaker. Each style has subtle differences, not necessarily obvious to the untrained eye, however each will give you a sense of the kitchen being truly yours.

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